Summary of fees for commercial cards

(valid as of 1 July 2017)

Corporate Card Mastercard Silver

Annual fee

Employee card: CHF 100
Travel card: CHF 50
Shopping card: CHF 50

Mailing of paper statement

CHF 2 per bill (free of charge until introduction of digital bills in “one” digital service)
  free of charge
Online transaction and balance enquiriesLicence fee

SDOL – SmartData OnLine Mastercard(CHF 500 one-time charge + CHF 500 p.a.)
  subject to charge
Online service

eXpense, free of charge
  not relevant
PIN replacement

  free of charge
Replacement card worldwide

  subject to charge
Interest on arrears

  subject to charge
Processing fee in the event of late payment

CHF 20 or EUR/USD 15 per bill
  subject to charge
Commission for cash withdrawals

3.5% at ATMs worldwide 
Switzerland: min. CHF 5 or EUR/USD 3.50
Abroad: min. CHF 10 or EUR/USD 7

4% at bank counters worldwide
Min. CHF 10 or EUR/USD 7

  subject to charge
Transactions in foreign currency

Amount at exchange rate + processing fee


Loss or theft

No charge (CHF/EUR/USD 0) for the cardholder if loss/theft is reported immediately and provided that due care was taken (Art. 3 and 4, General Terms and Conditions)
  free of charge
Fee for special mailing of bill, card, PIN

Effective costs,  min. CHF/EUR/USD 5
  free of charge
Fee for reprints of bills, transaction overviews, interest records etc.

CHF/EUR/USD 5 (max. 2 reprints; each additional reprint, CHF/EUR/USD 5)
  free of charge
Unjustified objection to a transaction (chargeback)

CHF 30
  free of charge
Copy of transaction slip

CHF 30
  free of charge
SMS services (e.g. for transactions in foreign currencies)

CHF 0.50 / EUR 0.30 / USD 0.40 per SMS

  not relevant