Zurich Call Center

Do you enjoy dealing with people? Do you like working in customer service? Preferably as a Call Center Agent? Then you’ve come to the right place. We are always on the look-out for qualified staff for our Call Center in Zurich to cover regular business hours or 24-hour shift services. Here’s what some of our employees have to say about their Call Center job:

The team matters

Farahnaz, or «Nasi» for short, values above all the positive atmosphere and readiness to help among her team members and the appreciation shown by management for their staff. For her and for Viseca, listening to customers, understanding their situation and finding the right solutions are of paramount importance.

Latest standards in the new work worlds

In this video, Claudio shows you around the modern work setting of the Viseca Call Center in Zurich. Good acoustics and flexibility of movement are particularly important for a good working environment.

A door to our customers wherever they are in the world

In this video, Andrea shares insights about her work at the Call Center of Viseca Card Services in Zurich and talks about the family-like atmosphere in her team and the telephone as a door to the world and the customers using our credit cards all over the globe.

For language buffs who like getting things done

Raffaella speaks the language of our customers – German, French, Italian or English – and addresses their needs on the spot. She likes being able to leave work in the evening or go on vacation knowing that there won’t be a pile of paperwork waiting for her when she returns. For the staff at Viseca’s Call Centers, there are many opportunities for professional development and functional changes.

Available 24/7 in case of emergency

Viseca is available to its customer 24 hours a day. In this video, Mike explains what it’s like working at night, helping customers in emergencies and protecting them against fraud.

Where it all comes together

Ramesh assists Viseca customers in four different languages. Every customer call is different – not only the questions and issues behind the call, but also the places from which customers contact us. It’s especially rewarding when customers thank us because we were able to help them. The positive team atmosphere and state-of-the-art infrastructure are important supports in this work.

What makes it interesting for the staff

In this video, Sara, a customer advisor, talks about some of the things she likes about her work at our Call Center in Zurich – the pleasant working environment, the willingness of agents to help one another and the advantages of being able to combine her work responsibilities with her role as a mother. The free organic fruit supplied fresh to our employees every day is also much appreciated.

A modern workplace with good connections

In this video, Melanie describes aspects of her workplace that she appreciates the most: good public transport connections, restaurants in the vicinity and green spaces where staff can sit and enjoy their breaks. In Viseca’s state-of-the-art workplace, employees can choose a new spot to do their work surrounded by new faces whenever they like.