Taking payments for granted

With Viseca’s innovative and high-quality products and services, paying is easy, secure and convenient, even in the digital age.

Our vision – the cashless future

We firmly believe that paying must be easy, secure and convenient. So, as a leading Swiss fintech, we are constantly working on innovative, digital solutions and services for the cashless future. This allows our customer banks to focus on their core business. And it gives end customers complete control of their finances, any time, anywhere.

For this purpose, Viseca has divided its card operations among two distinct issuing and processing companies. These are complemented by the innovative financial management solutions of Contovista AG.

The divisions of Viseca

Viseca Card Services SA – customised card products for end customers

Viseca Card Services SA is one of the largest Swiss issuers of credit cards and prepaid cards offered by the world’s leading brands, Mastercard® and Visa. We support all common national and international digital payment solutions. And, with the innovative and multi-award-winning “one” app, our customers can stay on top of their spending wherever and whenever.

The wide range of contemporary card products combined with a comprehensive service portfolio enables tailor-made solutions for a whole variety of customer needs. We are committed to delivering quality, expertise and service with all cards, whether issued by customer banks, co-branding partners or ourselves.

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Viseca Payment Services SA – innovative services for business customers

Viseca Payment Services SA offers all kinds of customised services for cashless payments. In this case, Viseca’s customer banks assume the role of card issuer. This allows them to deal directly with the customer and to create a profile for themselves with individual products tailored to their clientele.

Viseca takes care of all the background operations – from customer service to anti-fraud. Customer banks set the pricing for their cards and determine the scope of the service package. They benefit from Viseca’s wealth of expertise amassed over decades in the payments market and can concentrate fully on their core business.

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Contovista AG – Specialists in data-driven banking

As a pioneer in data-driven banking in the Swiss financial industry, Contovista AG provides data analytics and white-label financial management solutions. Contovista AG’s services help banks to make better use of data. This allows them to align their advice with individual needs even more precisely and to optimise the customer experience. And, ultimately, to further strengthen their commercial success.

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HIghlights from the history of Viseca Holding

2020 Viseca Holding divides its card operations between the newly founded issuing company Viseca Card Services SA and the processing company Viseca Payment Services SA.
Name change from Aduno Holding to Viseca Holding.
Viseca merges with Accarda AG and Aduno Finance AG.
2019 Aduno Holding sells cashgate to Cembra Money Bank.
Full takeover of Contovista AG.
2018 Board of Directors appoints Max Schönholzer as the new CEO.
Full takeover of Accarda AG.
Integration of AdunoKaution and SmartCaution SA into cashgate.
2017 Sale of Aduno SA to Six Payment Services AG.
Increase of stake in Contovista AG to 70 per cent.
2016 The Aduno Group acquires SmartCaution SA, a company operating in French-speaking Switzerland.
The Aduno Group takes a 14 per cent stake in the Swiss fintech Contovista AG.
2015 Foundation of SwissWallet AG by the Aduno Group, Netcetera and Swisscard.
The name of EuroKaution is changed to AdunoKaution.
Aduno Holding issues two bonds amounting to over CHF 200 million.
2014  The Aduno Group acquires all the shares in EuroKaution.
Integration of Revi-Leasing und Finanz AG into cashgate.
Aduno Holding places CHF 400 million as a dual-tranche offering on the capital market.
Launch of the surprize rewards programme.
2013 cashgate introduces a new pricing model with two fixed interest rates.
2012 cashgate acquires all the shares of Revi-Leasing und Finanz AG, which is fully integrated into cashgate in 2014.
Aduno Holding successfully issues a second bond.
2011 Successful launch of Aduno Holding with a bond issue on the Swiss capital market.
2008 Takeover of cashgate as well as the personal and leasing business of the Raiffeisen Group and Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV).
The activities are combined under the name cashgate.
2007 The Aduno Group acquires all the shares in Commtrain Card Solutions.
In June, the Aduno Group introduces a holding structure involving the subsidiaries Commtrain Card Solutions, Viseca and Aduno.
Commtrain Card Solutions is legally merged with Aduno in 2009.
2006  Viseca (issuing) and Aduno (acquiring) are merged.
This merger leads to the creation of the Aduno Group.
2005 Viseca takes over the acquiring business of Cornèr Banca.
Aduno is founded in Bedano.
1999 Foundation of Viseca by the cantonal banks, the Raiffeisen Group, various regional banks, Migros Bank and Bank Cler (formerly Bank Coop) as well as private and commercial banks.
Viseca opens for business on 1 January 2000.