Cashless payments thanks to Viseca

As a leading payment cards company, Viseca offers its customers all kinds of customised products and services for cashless payments.

The divisions of Viseca Holding

Viseca Holding includes Viseca Card Services SA, Viseca Payment Services SA and Contovista AG.

As the issuing company, Viseca Card Services SA is responsible for issuing payment cards. It offers customer banks and end customers alike a wide range of state-of-the-art card products. Viseca Payment Services SA houses the processing business. This unit provides card-related services to customer banks that wish to issue their own payment cards. Contovista AG, as the third pillar, drives the development of innovative financial management services.

Viseca Holding is wholly owned by Swiss retail and cantonal banks. These include the Raiffeisen Group, cantonal banks, regional banks, Migros Bank, Bank Cler, and commercial and private banks.

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