Conditions for employees of Viseca
Summary of fees for credit cards and prepaid cards

(valid as of 1 July 2017)

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Annual fee

"one" digital service

free of charge
Mailing of paper bills

CHF/EUR/USD 2 per bill
Electronic bills in "one" digital service, free of charge

PIN replacement

Replacement card worldwide

CHF/EUR/USD 20*, in Switzerland generally within two working days, 
abroad three to six working days
* Courier mail to some countries or overseas may take longer and incur extra charges (CHF/EUR/USD 40).
Credit interest rate/interest rate on arrears(annual interest rate)

Processing fees in the event of late payment

CHF 20 or EUR/USD 15 per bill
Commission for cash withdrawals (excluding Platinum)

4%, min. CHF/EUR/USD 10 at ATMs and bank counters worldwide
(Raiffeisen Prepaid YoungMemberPlus: CHF 5 flat fee in Switzerland and abroad)
Commission for cash withdrawals (Platinum only)

2.5% at ATMs
Switzerland:  min. CHF  5 or EUR/USD 3.50
Abroad:         min. CHF 10 or EUR/USD 7
4% at bank counters worldwide, min. CHF 10 or EUR/USD 7
Transactions in foreign currency

Amount at exchange rate + processing fee

Transactions in CHF abroad (not applicable to EUR/USD cards)

Amount + processing fee

Card blocking fee

CHF 10
Liability in case of loss or theft

No charge (CHF/EUR/USD 0) for the cardholder if loss/theft is reported immediately and provided that due care was taken (Art. 3 and 4, General Terms and Conditions)
Fee for special mailing of bill, card, PIN

Effective costs, min. CHF/EUR/USD 5
Fee for reprints of bills, transaction overviews, interest statements, etc.

CHF/EUR/USD 5 (max. 2 reprints; each additional reprint, CHF/EUR/USD 5)
Unjustified objection to a transaction (chargeback)

CHF 30
Order for copy of receipt (sales slip)

CHF 30
SMS services (e.g. for transactions in foreign currency)

CHF 0.50 / EUR 0.30 / USD 0.40 per SMS
Phone support

CHF 1 per call
Top-up fee

1% (min. CHF 5) or EUR/USD 3 for each top-up
Commission for balance transfer

CHF/EUR/USD 20 per balance transfer to a bank or postal account
Cash payments made at post office

CHF 2.90 per payment