Supercard is one of the two rewards schemes that you can choose with a Bank Coop credit card. Every time you use your card, you automatically collect Superpoints. These can then be redeemed for attractive rewards. Supercard is the Coop bonus scheme. To take part, you need a Coop Supercard account.

You can collect Superpoints with a Bank Cler credit card. To collect Superpoints with your credit card, you need a Coop Supercard account. If you already have a Supercard, you can register your credit card in order to collect Superpoints. If you do not yet have a Supercard, you can apply for one online. Further information

Every time you make a purchase with your credit card, one Superpoint per CHF 3 spent on your credit card (excluding cash withdrawals and fees) is credited to your Supercard account. If you use your credit card at Coop or partner companies, you even earn double points: once for showing your Supercard and once for paying with your credit card.

Further information

You can use any any Coop supermarket “Superbox” and view your Supercard account to find out how many Superpoints you have collected. You can redeem Coop Superpoints at or pay with them in selected Coop supermarkets. Please note that the Superpoints earned with your credit card are not immediately credited to your account, but only on a monthly basis at the beginning of every calendar month.