Viseca Masterpass

Viseca Masterpass is a digital wallet developed by Mastercard that lets you centrally manage all your card information and delivery addresses. It makes online shopping more convenient than ever. With Viseca Masterpass, you no longer need the actual card itself in order to pay for your purchases, and the hassle of correctly typing in your card information is a thing of the past. To take advantage of Viseca Masterpass, you must first register for VisecaOne. When you register, all your cards will be automatically activated for Viseca Masterpass. Then you can manage the cards in VisecaOne and designate a preferred card for your Viseca Masterpass transactions.

Masterpass from Mastercard is a free digital wallet that conveniently and reliably stores all your card information and delivery addresses in a secure place. Masterpass is an extremely simple, secure and quick way to make for online purchases. Register now in VisecaOne and activate Masterpass.

You can use Masterpass with Mastercard and Visa cards. When you register for VisecaOne, the cards issued under your name (credit cards, prepaid cards and business cards) are automatically activated for Masterpass. Please note that only cards issued by Viseca Card Services SA and its partner banks are eligible for Viseca Masterpass.

Once you have selected and placed all the products you want in the shopping cart, click on “Buy with Masterpass” A list will appear showing you all the wallets available for use in Switzerland. Log in to Viseca Masterpass, then use the list to select a credit card and choose a delivery address. If you wish to use a different delivery address that is not yet registered, or if the delivery address shown is incorrect, you can add or change the delivery address during online checkout.

Yes, it is. Protecting your personal data is a top priority. The data saved in the wallet are stored in Switzerland. Mastercard only forwards data on to the merchant during the payment process. The data transmission is always encrypted. 

No, the use of Viseca Masterpass is free of charge.

Please call customer services on +41 58 958 84 90. Further information is available here.

When you register, your cards will be automatically activated for Viseca Masterpass. Visit and follow the registration instructions for VisecaOne. Once you have finished registering, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

In all shops that accept Masterpass. You can identify such shops on account of their “Buy with Masterpass” logo.

You can use Masterpass on all standard browsers.

  • Internet Explorer 8.0 and higher

  • Firefox 3.6 and higher

  • Safari 5.04 and higher

  • Chrome

  • Opera

  • For mobile devices, the following operating systems are supported:

  • Android 2.1 and higher

  • iOS 3.4 and higher

The same information – e-mail address, language, mobile number and password – that applies to VisecaOne also applies to Viseca Masterpass. You can make changes to this information in your user account at

This text message is free of charge within Switzerland. Network provider roaming charges may apply abroad.

You can reset your password in your VisecaOne user account or on the VisecaOne app under “Login” and then set a new one. When you are making a payment, you can also reset your password on the Viseca Masterpass login page via the “Reset password” link.

By entering additional security information when shopping online from participating merchants, you confirm that you are the authorised cardholder and that your purchase has can be concluded securely. This reduces the likelihood of your card being used for fraudulent purposes.

During the payment process, you may be requested to authenticate your card.

  • E-mail (user name) and password

  • Confirmation via the VisecaOne app or the SMS code

    Further information about Mastercard® SecureCode™ and Verified by Visa is available here.

  • It is not possible to change the address for Viseca Masterpass in your VisecaOne user account. The invoice address is used automatically. Please call us to change your address, if necessary.

    It is not possible to change or add new delivery addresses in your VisecaOne user account – but it is possible during online checkout.

    In your user account at or on the VisecaOne app, you can specify which card you wish to use as the standard card for Viseca Masterpass.

    Please call our customer services to find out why the card was refused.

    Customer services: +41 58 958 84 90

    Every online shop can make its own rules about which addresses (e.g. parcel stations, post office boxes) it is prepared to deliver to. If a merchant cannot deliver to an address you have stored, the field for the delivery address in question will be deactivated. Please indicate a different delivery address at checkout, if possible.

    Before you can use Viseca Masterpass to make online purchases, you first have to register with VisecaOne. Further information

    Neither Mastercard nor Viseca nor your bank will ever request personal details or your complete card number by e-mail or phone. Therefore, if you receive such an e-mail or phone call, it is probably an instance of attempted fraud. Please protect your personal data and never respond to suspicious e-mails or phone calls. If you suspect that your credit card has been fraudulently used, call us immediately on +41 58 958 84 90. Forward any suspicious e-mails to This will help us to limit and successfully combat fraud. Further information

    If you find an e-mail or website to be suspicious, call us immediately on +41 58 958 84 90. Forward any suspicious e-mails to

    Phone: +41 58 958 84 90


    If you don’t want to use Viseca Masterpass, you need to deactivate Masterpass for all the cards saved in your VisecaOne user account or in the VisecaOne app. The cards will be removed from the wallet, and the card and customer data in the wallet will no longer be automatically updated.