Travel and air accident insurance

Travel and air accident insurance provides cover in the event of death of disability during travel via an insured means of transportation.

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In case of any inconsistencies between the answers below and the general insurance conditions, the general insurance conditions apply in all cases.

Travel and air accident insurance provides cover if you suffer death, accident or disability as a passenger in a means of transportation. The insurance covers transportation and rescue costs and provides compensation in the event of disability or death.

The cardholder benefits from insurance cover (main, second, additional and partner cards), as do dependants living in the same household, i.e. the spouse or partner as well children up to the age of 25.

The following prerequisites must be met for the insurance to provide cover:

  • The insured person suffers an accident as a passenger in an insured means of transportation.

  • A valid Viseca credit card was used to cover at least 80% of the costs of the trip.

For rescue, search and repatriation costs, the sum insured is limited to a maximum of CHF 60,000. For disability and death, the following maximum sums insured apply:

  • CHF 300,000: World Mastercard Silver, Visa Classic, Visa GKB HCD Card, Kiwanis Mastercard Gold, MercedesCard Mastercard, Visa Collect Card

  • CHF 500,000: World Mastercard Gold, Visa Gold, Flying Blue World Mastercard

  • CHF 1,000,000: Visa Platinum.

    There is no excess.

The following Viseca credit cards include travel and air accident insurance:

  • World Mastercard Silver/Gold

  • Visa Classic/Gold

  • Visa GKB HCD Card

  • Flying Blue World Mastercard

  • Kiwanis Mastercard Gold

  • MercedesCard Mastercard

  • Visa Collect Card

  • Visa Platinum

Coverage applies worldwide as well as in Switzerland.

Accidents that occur when you are a passenger in a means of transportation.

The following are deemed to be insured means of transportation: rented bike, rented moped, rented motorbike, hire vehicle (minibus, car, motorhome, camper), rented vessel (yacht/motorboat), helicopter, mountain railway, bus, railway, aeroplane, ship, ski lift, taxi.

Travel and air accident insurance only covers the rescue, search and repatriation costs related to any accident that you suffer (as a driver or passenger) in an insured means of transportation. Medical Travel Assistance provides more comprehensive insurance protection that applies to your entire journey – regardless of whether an accident occurs – and in the event of illness.

In the event of a claim, or if you have any questions, call our insurance specialists at Viseca Card Services SA immediately.

Phone +41 58 958 80 44

You should send all claim documentation, together with a completed claim form, to the address indicated on the claim form.

The insurance is included in the annual fee for your Viseca credit card and is not subject to any additional costs.

Items excluded from the insurance cover include the following:

  • Accidents involving leased means of transportation

  • The effects of armed conflict

  • Participation in civil unrest

  • Accidents when carrying out intentional criminal acts or offences

  • Suicide