Collision damage excess waiver on hired vehicles

The insurance pays the excess if the hired vehicle is damaged or stolen during the hire period.

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In case of any inconsistencies between the answers below and the general insurance conditions, the general insurance conditions apply in all cases.

When you hire a vehicle, your collision insurance will normally include an excess for damages and theft. The collision damage excess waiver on hired vehicles covers any excess for damage to or theft of your hire vehicle, serving as an additional insurance on top of your collision insurance.

The cardholder benefits from insurance cover (main, second, additional and partner cards).

The following prerequisites must be met for the insurance to provide cover:

  • An excess charged by the hire company is settled as a result of damage to the hired vehicle.

  • You used a valid Viseca credit card to pay for the hire in full.

The following maximum sums insured apply:

  • CHF 10,000 per claim and unlimited per year: World Mastercard Gold, Visa Gold and Flying Blue World Mastercard.

There is no excess.

The following Viseca credit cards include the collision damage excess waiver on hired vehicles:

  • World Mastercard Gold

  • Visa Gold

  • Flying Blue World Mastercard

Coverage applies worldwide, including Switzerland.

Cover is provided for the excess payable as a result of damage to the hired vehicle or as a result of the theft of the hired vehicle during the hire period. The prerequisite for compensation is an event covered by another insurance policy and the resulting excess.

Hire vehicles weighing up to 3,500 kg are insured. The insurance does not cover taxis or driving school vehicles, or damage sustained by caravans and other types of trailers.

The excess is the amount that the hirer of a vehicle must pay themselves in the event of a claim.

The collision damage waiver is a form of damage insurance that normally consists of an excess. The collision damage excess waiver on hired vehicles covers this excess up the amount of CHF 10,000 per event.

In the event of a claim, you are obliged to limit the damage as much as possible. Please contact your car hire firm in order to discuss how to proceed. Send us the claim documentation in full.

If you have any questions, call our insurance specialists at Viseca Card Services SA. Phone +41 58 958 80 44

In order for us to check your entitlement to a refund, you must send the following documentation to the address indicated on the claim form:

  • Fully completed claim form

  • Proof that a valid Viseca credit card was used to pay for the hire in full (copy of monthly invoice)

  • Hire contract containing details of excess

  • Reservation confirmation

  • Damage report, final invoice and handover/return sheet.

The insurance is included in the annual fee for your Viseca credit card and is not subject to any additional costs.

Items excluded from the insurance cover include the following:

  • Damage for which the insurance provided does not include a deductible

  • Damage as a result of gross negligence on the part of the driver

  • Alcohol, drug, or medication abuse