Securicard / Securicard plus

Securicard is a fee-based card blocking and key retrieval service that allows you to block all your credit, debit and customer cards, including ID and SIM cards, in the event of loss or theft. Viseca cardholders benefit from special conditions.

Securicard Individual subscription per year: CHF 20.45; partner subscription per year: CHF 31.20 (as a partner service).

Securicard plus Individual subscription per year: CHF 44.35; partner subscription per year: CHF 71.

All prices include VAT and stamp duty. The Securicard General Terms and Conditions apply with regard to insurance benefits.

Securicard Up to CHF 175 per claim

Securicard plus Up to CHF 8,200 per claim

Securicard/Securicard plus is a card blocking and key retrieval service consisting of the following benefits:


  • 24-hour card blocking service: +41 844 834 824

  • Reimbursement of expenses for replacement cards

  • After the loss is reported, Securicard assumes the full risk until the moment it gives instructions to block the card

  • Key retrieval service

  • Cost refund of up to CHF 175 per claim

    Additional Securicard plus refund

  • Misuse of credit, debit and customer cards

  • Misuse of SIM card

  • Key theft

  • Theft of cash in Switzerland and abroad

  • Theft of handbag/wallet

    Contents of handbag/wallet

    Cost refund of up to CHF 8,200 per claim