Purchase protection insurance

Items that you pay for with your credit card are insured against robbery, theft, destruction and damage for up 30 days after purchase.

If you have any questions, call us on +41 58 958 80 44.

In case of any inconsistencies between the answers below and the general insurance conditions, the general insurance conditions apply in all cases.

Purchase protection insurance provides cover against robbery, theft, destruction and damage on items that you buy, for up to 30 days after purchase.

The cardholder benefits from insurance cover (main, second, additional and partner cards).

The following prerequisites must be met for the insurance to provide cover:

  • Robbery (theft involving threatened or actual use of violence against the insured person), theft, destruction or damage of/to the insured items no later than 30 days after purchase.

  • A valid Viseca credit card was used to pay for the insured item in full.

  • The item costs at least CHF 50.

The following maximum sums insured apply:

  • CHF 1,000 per claim and CHF 5,000 per year: World Mastercard Gold, Visa Gold and Flying Blue World Mastercard.

There is no excess.

The following Viseca credit cards include purchase protection insurance:

  • World Mastercard Gold

  • Visa Gold

  • Flying Blue World Mastercard

Coverage applies worldwide, including Switzerland.

The insurance covers movable items for personal use which cost at least CHF 50.

Yes. If you drop an item on the floor, then this is covered. The insurance cover does not apply to wilful damage.

No. Purchase protection insurance only provides cover in the event of robbery, theft, destruction and damage.

In the event of a claim, you are obliged to limit the damage as much as possible. You must report robberies and thefts to the police within 48 hours. Obtain the necessary confirmations and proof, and send us the claim documentation in full, including sales receipts.

If you have any questions, call our insurance specialists at Viseca Card Services SA on +41 58 958 80 44.

In order for us to check your entitlement to a refund, you must send the following documentation to the address indicated on the claim form:

  • Fully completed claim form

  • Proof that a valid Viseca credit card was used to pay for the insured item in full (copy of monthly invoice)

  • Sales receipt/order confirmation showing the purchase price and date

Additionally depending on the loss event:

  • Robbery or theft: police report

The insurance is included in the annual fee for your Viseca credit card and is not subject to any additional costs.

Items excluded from the insurance cover include the following:

  • Cash, cheques, traveller’s cheques, all other types of security, and admission tickets

  • Animals and plants as well as motorised vehicles

  • Consumables and perishables with limited shelf lives, e.g. food, drinks, alcohol, tobacco, cosmetics

  • Jewellery and watches

  • Second-hand goods

  • Normal wear and tear

  • Manufacturing and material errors

  • Service errors