Medical Travel Assistance

If you have to interrupt, abandon or extend your trip due to an unforeseen, insured event, your trip interruption insurance will refund you your unused travel and accommodation expenses, as well as the cost of missed activities and the cost of your return travel and accommodation.

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In case of any inconsistencies between the answers below and the general insurance conditions, the general insurance conditions apply in all cases.

In the event of a medical emergency during your trip abroad, Medical Travel Assistance will provide round-the-clock help and cover the cost of:

  • Return travel, return transportation and repatriation costs: If you (the insured person) fall seriously ill or suffer an accident, the insurance will, under the terms of its coverage, coordinate and cover the cost of your return travel or return transportation to your place of residence, should this be necessary for medical reasons.

  • Search and rescue costs: The insurance will pay for the cost of search, rescue and recovery operations if you (the insured person) are declared missing during your trip or need to be rescued from a physical emergency situation.

  • Medical costs:  The insurance covers medical costs (doctor’s fees, hospitalisation, hospital stay, emergency dental treatment, medicine, transportation) should an accident or serious illness occur unexpectedly during your trip abroad, making emergency intervention essential – and such intervention is ordered by a medical practitioner and confirmed by a doctor’s certificate or medical report. The costs will be covered subsequently to the cover provided by statutory health and accident insurance and any supplementary insurance (excluding excess).

Insurance benefits will be paid out as a supplement to the benefits you receive from your trip interruption insurance policy.

The cardholder benefits from insurance cover (main, second, additional and partner cards), as do dependants living in the same household, i.e. the spouse or partner as well children up to the age of 25.

The following prerequisites must be met for the insurance to provide cover:

  • A medical emergency occurs during your trip.

  • Your trip is private in nature and lasts no more than 45 days.

  • You have contacted the insurer immediately and obtained the insurer’s consent to the measures that were taken.

The following maximum insured amounts apply to World Mastercard Gold, Visa Gold and Flying Blue World Mastercard:

Return travel, return transport and repatriation costs

  • CHF 250,000 per card and year for cardholders resident in Switzerland or the principality of Liechtenstein

  • CHF 60,000 per card and year for cardholders resident in other Schengen countries

    Search and rescue costs

    • CHF 60,000 per card and year for cardholders resident in a Schengen country

      Medical costs

      • CHF 250,000 per card and year for cardholders resident in Switzerland or the principality of Liechtenstein

        The insurance benefits are provided on a subsidiary basis in addition to the statutory Swiss social insurance schemes (accident insurance, health insurance, etc.) and other supplementary insurance policies where such arrangements do not fully cover the cost of an emergency hospital stay or emergency outpatient treatment. There is no excess.

The following Viseca credit cards include Medical Travel Assistance:

  • World Mastercard Gold

  • Visa Gold

  • Flying Blue World Mastercard

The insurance covers travel worldwide with the exception of the country in which the insured person has his/her usual place of residence.

Serious illness, accident or death of the insured person – as a supplement to the benefits covered by trip interruption insurance.

The insurance cover applies to private holiday trips that last no more than 45 days. The trip begins when you leave your place of residence and ends when you return to your place of residence. The trip must consist of an outward and return journey and include an overnight stay.

As of January 2016: Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, the principality of Liechtenstein, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic and Hungary.

In the event of a claim, you must call the insurer immediately via Viseca Card Services SA on +41 58 958 82 85 to obtain its consent to possible assistance measures and payment of the costs involved. If you do not contact the insurer, benefits may be reduced or the claim rejected.

In order for us to check your entitlement to a refund, you must send the following documentation to the address indicated on the claim form:

  • Fully completed claim form

  • All booking and reservation confirmations related to the trip

  • Documents and/or official certificates proving that the loss event occurred (e.g. detailed doctor’s certificate including diagnosis; medical report)

  • Medical costs: copies of medical invoices and original copies of benefit scheme invoices.

That depends on your requirements, your travel pattern and the type of travel cover you have. Travel cover includes additional benefits, especially on trips involving the use of your own vehicle. It also differentiates between Europe-wide and worldwide coverage. If you have travel cover that offers insurance cover for Europe, your Viseca credit card will function as an ideal supplement whenever you make an occasional trip outside Europe.

Travel and air accident insurance only covers the rescue, search and repatriation costs related to any accident that you suffer (as a driver or passenger) in an insured means of transportation. Medical Travel Assistance provides more comprehensive insurance protection that applies to your entire journey – regardless of whether an accident occurs – and in the event of illness.

The insurance is included in the annual fee for your Viseca credit card and is not subject to any additional costs.

Items excluded from the insurance cover include the following:

  • The loss event or illness already occurring at the time you booked the trip.

  • Measures taken or costs incurred which were not advised or approved in advance.

  • Costs that the insured person incurs for medical treatment in their country of residence.

  • Costs that pertain to the excess of a benefit scheme.

  • Travel undertaken for the purpose of receiving medical treatment.

  • Cost of meals, phone calls, loss of working hours and other financial losses.

  • A business trip, a language-learning holiday or a trip taken for professional training purposes.