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Viseca Masterpass makes shopping online even easier, quicker and more secure. Pay online without having to pick up your card. Your details and your delivery address are already securely stored by Viseca. 

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Your digital wallet for online shopping

Imagine Viseca Masterpass as a digital wallet. It saves your card details and your delivery address, which you need for online purchases, securely in one place. Viseca Masterpass is a payment solution for the Internet developed in partnership with Mastercard and works with Mastercard and Visa cards.

Easy, quick and secure

If you are registered for VisecaOne, you can automatically take advantage of the Viseca Masterpass payment solution. It makes everything much quicker. If the online shop supports Masterpass, all you need is your VisecaOne login; there's no need to enter your card details and delivery address - making typing errors a thing of the past.

How it works

  • In the online shop, click on the Masterpass button
  • Click on your bank's logo or the Viseca logo
  • Log in with your VisecaOne login
  • Select your chosen card for payment and the delivery address
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Over 300,000 online shops worldwide accept Masterpass

Masterpass is offered by a growing number of online merchants as a convenient, simple and secure payment solution. Not just in Switzerland, but worldwide. Try it out now at the following online shops.

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Masterpass FAQ

Masterpass from Mastercard is a free digital wallet that conveniently and reliably stores all your card information and delivery addresses in a secure place. Masterpass is an extremely simple, secure and quick way to make for online purchases. Register now in VisecaOne and activate Masterpass.

You can use Masterpass with Mastercard and Visa cards. When you register for VisecaOne, the cards issued under your name (credit cards, prepaid cards and business cards) are automatically activated for Masterpass. Please note that only cards issued by Viseca Card Services SA and its partner banks are eligible for Viseca Masterpass.

Once you have selected and placed all the products you want in the shopping cart, click on “Buy with Masterpass” A list will appear showing you all the wallets available for use in Switzerland. Log in to Viseca Masterpass, then use the list to select a credit card and choose a delivery address. If you wish to use a different delivery address that is not yet registered, or if the delivery address shown is incorrect, you can add or change the delivery address during online checkout.

Yes, it is. Protecting your personal data is a top priority. The data saved in the wallet are stored in Switzerland. Mastercard only forwards data on to the merchant during the payment process. The data transmission is always encrypted. 

No, the use of Viseca Masterpass is free of charge.

Please call customer services on +41 58 958 84 90. Further information is available here.

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