Online account protection

You become the victim of a phishing scam and, not thinking straight for a moment, you pass on the access data for your account on a fake website. Your account balance at the time was around CHF 15 000. The scammers withdraw all the money. You file a criminal complaint and inform the financial institution, but unfortunately the bank is not liable for the loss. However, as the holder of a Platinum credit card, you benefit from online account protection: thankfully, the insurer reimburses you the CHF 15 000.

What if your access data have been stolen and money has been debited from your account? With online account protection, financial losses due to misuse of your accounts, cards and mobile devices are insured.

The insurance covers the cardholder (primary, second, additional and partner cards), their spouse or partner or registered partner living in the same household and children under the age of 25 who are entitled to support, provided they live in the same household or are resident in Switzerland.

The insurance is included with the following Viseca credit cards:
  • Visa Platinum
The following prerequisites must be met for the insurance to provide cover:
  • Account, card or mobile device must belong to the insured person.
  • A financial loss has occurred due to the theft of personal access data or unlawful access to, or misuse of, means of payment and mobile devices belonging to the insured person.

The following maximum insured sum applies per event and per person:
- CHF 20 000: Visa Platinum.

There is no policy excess.

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Detailed conditions and exclusions are provided in the Insurance Conditions.

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