Making contactless payments

Contactless payments are easy, secure and incredibly convenient. You no longer waste time searching for change, and it’s a quick and easy way to pay. Hold your card up to the contactless payment terminal and that's it. You can make contactless payments for amounts up to CHF 40 without entering your PIN. With your PIN, you can also use the contactless feature for larger amounts.

Also works abroad

You can also pay smaller contactless amounts free of charge without entering your PIN. The limit varies from country to country.

You will need to enter your PIN or provide your signature for larger amounts.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Easy: Make contactless payments for your day-to-day purchases – without wasting time looking for change.
  • Fast: Your contactless payment takes just seconds to complete.
  • Secure: Contactless card payments are subject to the most stringent international security standards.
  • Worldwide: The contactless logo shows you where you can make contactless payments all over the world.
  • Benefit: You earn valuable surprize points with every contactless transaction.

Paying without cash – here’s how it works