Monitor spending with SmartData OnLine

SmartData OnLine is an indispensable tool for your Mastercard Corporate Card. It allows you to accurately monitor spending and reliably analyse your cost structures at all times.


The functions of SmartData OnLine

  • SmartData OnLine gives you access – anytime, anywhere – to all the transaction details for the Corporate Cards* used. This means you always have an overview of spending
  • You can draw up reports to your specifications and export them to any standard computer system for further processing
  • SmartData OnLine helps you to effectively optimise your company's expense and purchasing policies and to fully exploit any savings potential
  • SmartData OnLine is an indispensable steering and controlling tool for your Corporate Cards
  • SmartData OnLine is a service provided by Mastercard Worldwide

* We recommend SmartData OnLine for companies with at least 10 credit cards.

Registration for new customers

  • You do not need any additional software and there are zero implementation expenses
  • Check the Yes box on the basic SmartData OnLine application (licence fee CHF 500/year)
  • We will contact you directly with regard to the registration process

Registration for existing customers

Viseca Card Services SA
P.O. Box 7007 
8050 Zurich
Tel. +41 58 958 84 01

Once we have received your registration, we will send you the login and password for your account and credit card details by email.


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