One card, everything sorted

With a Business or Corporate Card from Viseca, business customers always have the right currency to hand, anywhere in the world.

A lifestyle choice

Business and Corporate Cards from Viseca make cashless payment the easiest thing in the world. You can also take advantage of the many benefits Viseca offers in partnership with Mastercard. Whether you're booking a flight to New York, checking into a hotel, shopping online, making a cashless payment or paying for a drink at the bar.

Viseca uses the latest technology to make your card even better and more flexible.

Contactless payment

Have you ever made a contactless payment? Give it a try. Simply hold your card up to the contactless payment terminal and that's it. You can quickly and easily pay amounts up to CHF 80 without entering your PIN. For larger amounts, you must still enter your PIN or sign.

Contactless transactions are just as secure as regular card payments and are subject to the most stringent international security standards. Your data are dynamically encrypted during transmission and identification and approval take a split second using wireless technology (NFC). 

Cashless payments 

Save yourself the worry of not having enough cash. You can use your Business or Corporate Card to pay for almost anything these days – at more than 43 million locations around the world. These include hotels, restaurants and shops as well as vending machines, petrol stations or car parks.

In contrast to lost or stolen cash, you are not liable if your card is stolen or lost. Provided you take due care, we assume liability for the fraudulent spending and credit the amount involved back to you.

Payments in foreign currency

Save yourself the hassle of changing foreign currency: with your credit card, you'll always have the right currency handy. You can also increase your card limit temporarily, as required. This gives you maximum financial freedom at all times.

Tips when paying abroad:

Before paying, check the currency listed on the terminal. In the EU area in particular, it is increasingly common for the purchase amount to be shown in Swiss francs. However, the local exchange rate is often higher than the rate applied by Viseca.

Cash withdrawals

With your card and your PIN code, you can withdraw cash anywhere in the world in the respective national currency. See here for a list of precise locations:

To the Mastercard directory To the Visa directory

Shopping online

You can use your Business or Corporate Card without hesitation for online purchases. Moreover, holders of a Business Card can use our free digital "one" service. "one" makes online shopping easy, quick and secure. Register today!

Detailed information on secure online shopping can be found under Online security.

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Credit card insurances

Safe and secure when you travel with the insurance protection provided by the Mastercard® Corporate Card and Mastercard® Business Card.

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"one" – the Viseca customer portal

The Business Card and Corporate Card give you access to the "one" digital service. Register once for access via the web and the app, anytime, no matter where you are.

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