Mastercard® Corporate Card – the credit card for large companies

The Viseca Corporate Card is a credit card for the most stringent demands. It is particularly valued by larger companies requiring a complex expense management tool connected to additional interfaces. Furthermore, it offers you a whole host of other benefits.

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Benefits of the Corporate Card

SmartData OnLine

Precise spending control and a reliable analysis of your cost structures.

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Travel and purchasing cards

Greater transparency, less administration.

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Flexible billing options to match your internal processes.

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Rewards programme

Double the rewards with turnover and company bonus.

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Company logo

Additional advertising impact when your own company logo is printed on the card.

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The Corporate Card gives you access to the "one" digital service. Register once for access via the web and the app, anytime, no matter where you are.

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Edi expense tool

Recording expenses and preparing expense statements in real time.

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