Travel and purchasing cards

Your Corporate Card makes travel and purchasing far easier and more convenient. You always have full transparency with regard to your spending, and administration takes no time at all.

Order card

Business travel card

Designate a Mastercard Corporate Card as a "Business Travel Card" and store the card number with your travel agent. You will then have a full overview at all times of all the costs of airline tickets, hotel bookings etc. incurred by your employees.

Purchasing card

Inform your purchasing department (cost centre) of the number of the credit card to be used for making purchases. When orders are placed, e.g. for stationery or subscriptions to specialist journals, this number will simply be quoted to the supplier. You can thus retain a detailed overview of all purchases made.

Additional benefit for Mastercard Gold Corporate Card

All expenditure on the business travel and purchasing card goes towards the company bonus.

Please note

The business travel and purchasing card may be simultaneously used by several people. For this reason, the duty of care (Art.3, General Terms and Conditions) must be observed.


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