Mastercard® Business Card Silver credit card

With Viseca’s Business Card Silver, you can keep a close eye on your business spending at all times. Our innovative payment method is a real SME credit card. It simplifies your administration, reduces expenses effort and improves cost control, since it provides you with all the key information in real time. 



Cashless payments
Accepted worldwide: Your credit card is welcomed at over 43 million points of sale worldwide.

Contactless payment
Wherever you see the contactless symbol, you can briefly hold your credit card up to the payment terminal and that's it, you've paid. For small amounts you don't even have to enter your PIN; it's easy, quick and secure.

Buying online
Registering for 3-D Secure is essential if you want to securely buy and pay online, whenever you like. You only need to register once in "one".

"one" online services
"one" is the online service for easy and secure payment on the Internet. "one" enables you to conveniently check and confirm online payments via a smartphone app (3-D Secure). Viseca Masterpass is a digital wallet developed by Mastercard. There's no need to enter your card details and delivery address, as these are stored. Masterpass is automatically activated in your "one" account.

Special points
Unique design for CHF 40 per year

Consolidated monthly statement with individual notifications, information sheet to all cardholders on request.

Online management tool
With the free online expense tool eXpense, you can keep track of all your expenses and spending anytime, anywhere.

Turnover bonus
For each card with annual turnover of at least CHF 10,000, you will only pay half the annual fee for that card in the subsequent year.


Travel accident insurance
Our travel accident insurance covers occupational and non-occupational accidents and accident-related injuries that occur during a business trip. Accidents resulting in invalidity or death are covered for a maximum of CHF 600,000 per incident and person.

Trip Interruption Insurance
When you use the Silver Business Card to pay for at least 50% of the costs of a business trip, up to CHF 5'000 in costs incurred for interrupting, cancelling or extending the trip are covered per incident and person.

Medical Travel Assistance
With the Silver Business Card, up to CHF 250'000 in costs are covered per incident and person.

Luggage insurance
In future, you can start every trip feeling relaxed and secure, because your luggage is insured against damage, theft, loss and delay for the duration of your trip for up to CHF 5'000 per year.

Other services

24-hour assistance
The specialists who provide our 24-hour assistance service are available on +41 58 958 82 85 both day and night, will organise assistance for you in an emergency (providing you with the addresses of doctors, hospitals and lawyers worldwide) and offer you advice in emergencies abroad.

Preferential prices
MyWine: The wine experience that comes with your credit card – exclusive offers with preferential prices and money-back guarantee.

Discount on car hire: You can enjoy up to 20% discount on the "non-prepaid standard" rate at Hertz.

Liability in the event of theft/loss
Provided you take due care, you are not liable for financial damages. In the event of loss or unauthorised use of your card, contact our Customer Service immediately.


Annual fee
First card CHF 100
Each additional card CHF 50

Replacement card worldwide
CHF 20, usually within two working days in Switzerland or three to six working days abroad.

Commission for cash withdrawals
3.5% at ATMs worldwide
Switzerland: min. CHF 5
Abroad: min. CHF 10

4% at bank counters worldwide
Min. CHF 10

Transactions in foreign currency
Amount at selling rate for foreign exchange + 1.5% processing fee

Credit interest/interest on arrears (annual interest)

General Terms and Conditions and documents

General Terms and Conditions (GTC)
Conditions for the use of Viseca Card Services SA Business Cards and Corporate Cards

General Insurance Conditions (GIC)
Viseca Card Services SA General Insurance Conditions (GIC)

Fee schedule
Fee schedule for commercial cards PDF-Download

Information for new customers
Please first complete the basic application for the master account and don't forget the enclosures and documents mentioned in Section 6. For each employee card required, please complete a card application.

Authorised signatories
List of authorised signatories PDF-Download