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Manage your Business and Corporate cards conveniently and securely online with "one". All device types are supported: Use "one" as an app (iOS & Android) or on the web.

"one" at a glance

"one" is a free digital service for even greater convenience and security. It gives you perfect control at all times over your Business or Corporate Card. Once you have registered you can, for instance, easily check and confirm your spending or your available amount in real time, check and confirm payments in online shops which require 3-D Secure in the "one" App or by text message, or turn on free push notifications.

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If you have several Viseca or partner bank cards issued in your name, you can manage these in the same "one" account. Partner or additional cards in another name are registered separately in "one" and are assigned a separate registration code, which is sent to the main cardholder.

With the registration code you received in the mail, you may register here for "one" in a few easy steps.

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Registering is so simple

Place your trust in "one" and register today. To do this, you need:

  • your personal registration code
  • your card
  • a) your personal smartphone or b) a classic mobile phone and a PC/tablet
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