"one" – the Viseca customer portal

The Business Card and Corporate Card give you access to the "one" digital service. Register once for access via the web and the app, anytime, no matter where you are.


"one" at a glance

"one" is a free digital service for even greater convenience and security. It gives you perfect control at all times over your Business or Corporate Card. Once you have registered you can, for instance, easily check and confirm your spending or your available amount in real time, check and confirm payments in online shops which require 3-D Secure in the "one" App or by text message, or turn on free push notifications.

The benefits

With "one", you are always informed about your spending, your available amount and much more. You can retrieve and easily manage your personal details and other services. Push notifications or text messages also ensure that you have full control over your transactions. You will then have everything in one place – anytime, anywhere, at your convenience – in the "one" app or in the web portal

Additional plus points

  • Two factor authentication for even greater security. You confirm your identity as well as your user name and password with an additional identity feature, e.g. an action in the "one" app or the SMS code sent to you
  • Viseca Masterpass for even greater convenience. The details are already securely saved, so there is no further need to enter them
  • Gradual expansion for even greater quality

Registering is so simple

Place your trust in "one" and register today. To do this, you need

  • Your personal registration code
  • Your card
  • a) your personal smartphone or b) a classic mobile phone and a PC/tablet
Request registration code

If you have several Viseca or partner bank cards issued in your name, you can manage these in the same "one" account. 

You can register here for "one" in four steps with the registration code you received in the post, which is valid for 30 days. 

Register now

"one" FAQ

"one" was developed to give our customers the very highest standard of security, more services and a great experience. "one" offers you the same features that MyAccount did, plus a comprehensive digital service for your cards.

You can also use VisecaOne with an ordinary mobile phone. Register here.

"one" offers you all the same services that MyAccount did, plus lots more:

  • Two-part authentication for even more security

  • View of all your credit card bills for the last 12 months

  • Transaction checking in real time

  • Display of the amount still available on your card and your card limit

  • "one" app, for added security when you’re on the go

  • Stepwise integration of even more features, bringing you even better quality

The "one" app is available for iPhone as well as on Samsung, LG, HTC and other devices with Android operating systems. All devices must have a functioning SIM card (prepaid or postpaid subscription).

Delete data you do not need to keep (pictures, videos) from your smartphone, or transfer the data to your PC. Ideally, you should do a complete back-up of your smartphone.

The date and time settings must correspond with the actual date and time in your country. Please adjust the settings on your smartphone or use the automatic settings.