Invest safely and economically in your own future with cashgateCAREER

Zurich, 2 November 2015

Those who study further need a mind free of financial worries. Help is provided by the new solution by cashgate AG, the specialist for fair leasing and credit financing options. With a cashgateCAREER study loan, customers benefit not only from reduced instalments during their studies, but also from clear cost benefits compared to traditional personal loans. By paying the loan directly to the certified educational institution selected by the customer, cashgate AG offers customers a reasonable investment in their professional future.

Those who wish to be successful in their profession have to invest in their continuous development. But apart from a lack of time, a further education course often also poses a financial challenge. It is usually also not so easy to reduce your fixed monthly expenses while you are studying further. With cashgateCAREER, the financing solution for further studies, cashgate offers its customers a loan with a very attractive interest rate model specifically geared to their choice of further education. What is special about this new product is that it can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of each customer during the period of studies. cashgateCAREER is a smart and affordable investment in your own professional future. Smart, because customers benefit from a reduced instalment during their studies and can deduct the interest on the study loan from their taxable income. This in turn gives them more financial flexibility, something that is particularly important when you work fewer hours and might have to get by on a smaller salary. Affordable, because the standard instalment for study loans is only applied when customers have finished their studies and can usually make a career jump and earn a better salary.

As a credit and leasing partner for renowned Swiss banks, cashgate AG is a reputable partner when it comes to personal loans and leasing. True to its motto of "investing sensibly", it is important to cashgate to protect its customers against overindebtedness. It therefore pays the loan directly to the certified educational institution in Switzerland selected by the customer. The number of instalments paid by cashgate AG to the educational institution on behalf of the lender is determined by the chosen course of studies. An online calculator is available at for customers to calculate their additional monthly expenses during and after their studies. As this calculation is always based on their personal budget, a sensible financing solution can be guaranteed.

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