With VisecaOne and MasterPass, the Aduno Group is pushing ahead with digitalisation

Zurich, 12 November 2015

Viseca Card Services SA, which issues credit cards for the Raiffeisen Group, all cantonal banks,
Migros Bank, Bank Coop and private and commercial banks, now offers its cardholders the new VisecaOne service, a simple new procedure for confirming online payments with a smartphone app. At the same time customers benefit from the new online Viseca MasterPass™ payment solution, a digital wallet developed by MasterCard® and offered by the new company Swiss One Wallet Ltd. When using Viseca MasterPass for online shopping, customers no longer need to enter their card data and delivery address. This makes online shopping using your card much quicker and simpler.

With VisecaOne, Viseca is launching a new digital service consisting of a portal and an app for smartphones. This also serves as the basis for the digital wallet, Viseca MasterPass by MasterCard. With the VisecaOne service, the static 3-D Secure password is replaced by dynamic 3-D Secure authentication where customers have to confirm a push message on their smartphone. Cardholders no longer have to remember their passwords as authentication is done by confirmation via the app. Cardholders receive a push message on their smartphone every time a 3-D Secure transaction is carried out, which can be confirmed or rejected with a click in the VisecaOne app. Customers without a smartphone receive an SMS code which has to be entered in the 3-D Secure browser window. This dynamic procedure not only enhances the convenience for cardholders, but also increases security, particularly when it comes to the prevention of phishing where criminals use fake websites, e-mails or SMS messages to try and obtain the personal data of an internet user. "The dynamic 3-D Secure authentication procedure via VisecaOne coupled with the Viseca MasterPass online payment solution now finally makes payment in online shops as simple as we all wanted," says Martin Huldi, Chief Executive Officer of the Aduno Group.

Card information no longer has to be entered

With VisecaOne, users also benefit from the new online payment solution Viseca MasterPass, a digital wallet developed by MasterCard and offered by Swiss One Wallet Ltd. If they see the MasterPass logo when shop-ping online, they only have to log on with the e-mail address and password registered with VisecaOne and confirm the login via the VisecaOne app. The data needed for payment and delivery are automatically passed on to the online shop. MasterPass has already been introduced in several countries and works everywhere in the world. VisecaOne is also the only provider in Switzerland that supports the confirmation of 3-D Secure online payments on the Apple Watch. An app has been developed especially for Apple watch which will be installed automatically when registering for VisecaOne. This further simplifies internet shopping. "It is important for us to support all mobile devices with our digital services in order to offer our cardholders the best user experience," says Roland Zwyssig, Chief Marketing Officer of the Aduno Group. Cardholders wishing to use the new services only need a VisecaOne account, for which they can register on the VisecaOne portal. The VisecaOne account is the connecting link between the web portal, mentioned app and the cardholder's credit card.

More information is available at www.visecaone.ch