300,000 cardholders already use VisecaOne and MasterPass

Zurich, 26 May 2016

The Aduno Group is focused on moving forward with the digital transformation of credit and PrePaid cards and its digital payment solutions. The Group’s strategy is confirmed by the successful introduction of the VisecaOne and Viseca MasterPass digital services. More than 300,000 cardholders of Viseca Card Services SA have registered for these digital services and downloaded the relevant app since the launch in November 2015. Additional functions will be added in summer 2016, such as real time transaction overviews, card account management and self-services.

With some 1.4 million issued credit and PrePaid cards, Viseca Card Services SA, an Aduno Group company, is one of the leading card issuers in Switzerland. Since November 2015 it has been offering its cardholders the free digital service VisecaOne: a simple new procedure for confirming online payments with a smartphone app. At the same time customers benefit from the new online Viseca MasterPass payment solution, a digital wallet developed by MasterCard. In contrast to other digital wallets, MasterPass is available globally. As it has been launched in 34 countries, Viseca customers can also use this solution in foreign online shops. 300,000 customers have already registered for this service and downloaded the VisecaOne app since the launch, making this the most downloaded iOS and Android app in the “Free Finance” category for the past six months. “This clearly demonstrates the relevance of credit cards for the end customer in the digital payment context. We are convinced that Viseca MasterPass and VisecaOne will further improve the popularity of credit cards as payment media on the internet - thanks to the simplified payment process, improved security and global application,” says Tobias Wirth, Head Digital Products at the Aduno Group.

Ever more merchants support MasterPass

With VisecaOne, users also benefit from the new Viseca MasterPass online payment solution, a digital wallet developed by MasterCard and offered on the SwissWallet AG platform. If they see the option “Pay with Mas-terPass” when shopping online, they only have to log on with the e-mail address and password registered with VisecaOne and confirm the login via the VisecaOne app. The data needed for payment and delivery is auto-matically passed on to the online shop. In Switzerland, ever more online merchants support MasterPass. These currently number more than 2,500, including well-known online shops such as Ticketcorner, The House of Brands Jelmoli and On-Running, the Swiss specialist for sport shoes. MasterPass shortens the checkout process in online shops by 80 per cent. This means fewer abandoned transactions and a better user experience for shoppers. With this practical payment solution for online purchases, shoppers can place their orders quickly and securely – at home or on the road, from their PC, tablet or smartphone. All their payment and delivery data is already stored in the digital wallet, which is optimally protected by a multi-level security process. No card data has to be entered on the internet, which improves customer confidence.

Benefits of Viseca MasterPass for cardholders:

  • Delivery address and credit card data do not have to be entered
  • Stored card data allows a fast and convenient checkout process with all regular devices with internet access
  • No card data has to be entered on the internet, which improves customer confidence
  • As the customer is already identified by the wallet (advanced checkout), MasterPass can use a simplified SecureCode (3-D Secure) process, leaving the liability risk with the card issuer

Benefits of Viseca MasterPass for merchants:

  • The simultaneous introduction of the 3-D SecureCode process reduces the interchange fees for merchants and reverses the liability risk as the card issuer is now liable for the loss arising from card abuse
  • In contrast to other wallets with complex integration processes, MasterPass transactions can be processed without interrupting the merchant’s daily business operations
  • Simple integration into current payment processes through existing interfaces

More information is available at www.visecaone.chwww.swisswallet.ch and www.masterpass.ch