Fidesmo Pay – Secure. Convenient. In-style.

Want the ease of paying at the checkout with a digital bracelet or ring?
Fidesmo Pay offers style and convenience wherever contactless payment is possible.

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Your card is always on you.

Never again will you be at the checkout without your money – just use your keyring or bracelet, etc. for convenient contactless payment. No need to worry about battery issues either.




Security first.

Payments are very secure thanks to special encryption. You can easily view your active wearables in the Fidesmo app and pause or delete them, if necessary.

Setting up Fidesmo Pay

Activate your wearable easily with the Fidesmo app.


Paying with Fidesmo Pay


About Fidesmo Pay

Fidesmo Pay is a contactless payment service that allows you to make your wearable capable of making payments.

Any wearable on which Fidesmo Pay can be activated. A complete list can be found on the Fidesmo website.

The spending limit is the same as for your card.

All your card’s transactions are listed in ‘one’.

Check your card’s transaction overview and spending limit in the ‘one’ app. If you have any further questions, please contact our customer service: +41 58 958 84 00.

First steps

You need a wearable on which Fidesmo Pay can be activated. A complete list can be found on the Fidesmo website.

Yes, ‘one’ is the digital service for your card, which will give you a comprehensive overview of your spending at any time. The personal information (e-mail, mobile number, etc.) that you have stored for ‘one’ will be required for the security check when activating Fidesmo Pay.

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No. Payments can be made with all activated wearables without a smartphone close at hand.

Paying with Fidesmo Pay

Anywhere where contactless payment is accepted.

Kontaktless Bezahlen

You can also use Fidesmo Pay internationally.

Yes. Comprehensive security measures are in place for both payment confirmation (authorisation) and data security.

Data security: When you add your Viseca card to Fidesmo Pay, Fidesmo Pay will generate an encrypted virtual image of your card on the wearable (known as a token = a new digital card number). Only the card organisations Mastercard® and Visa can match this token to the cardholder’s actual card number. When you pay with the wearable, only this token will be sent to the merchant.

  1. Hold your wearable near to the payment terminal.
  2. Make sure that the payment terminal confirms the payment.
  3. Done!


Managing cards

Viseca Mastercard® cards can be used with Fidesmo Pay.
No card yet? Find out more here.

No. Only one card can be activated on a wearable.

Yes, if you are registered for the surprize rewards programme. Find out more here.

In the Fidesmo Pay app, block or delete the virtual card activated for the wearable. Transactions are still possible using the physical card. If you have other questions, please call our customer service on +41 58 958 84 00.

You can block and deactivate the virtual card in the Fidesmo Pay app. Transactions are still possible using the physical card.

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