Free parking at Zurich Airport

Whether you’re driving to Zurich Airport to go shopping, to attend an event or to travel, with your Visa Platinum card you can park in the multi-storey car parks at Zurich Airport for up to 24 hours free of charge. And that’s 24 times a year. Here’s how.

1. Arriving

At the barrier at the entrance to the car park, hold your Visa Platinum card up to the contactless sign. 
The barrier will open, and you can park your car in any parking space you choose.

2. Collecting your exit ticket

Before returning to your car, collect your exit ticket from the Service Center
To do this, present your Visa Platinum card and provide your licence plate number
You can park for free for up to 24 hours. If you have parked for longer, the last 24 hours will be deducted and you will only pay the remainder.



Remember your licence plate number. The exit ticket is specific to you, which is why the Service Center staff will need your licence plate number. 
The two car parks nearest to the Service Center are P1 and P2.
The Service Center is open during the airport’s operating hours. 


3. Departing

Insert your exit ticket into the exit pillar, and the barrier will open.

Have a safe journey!


This special offer enables holders of Visa Platinum cards to park in the car parks of Zurich Airport for up to 24 hours free of charge 24 times a year. 
Parking transactions cannot be combined, and this special offer cannot be used in conjunction with other benefits.
Viseca reserves the right to suspend, limit or amend this special offer at any time and will publicise this in an appropriate form.
Viseca reserves the right to charge the customer’s card account retrospectively for any unauthorised free parking transactions in accordance with the applicable fee schedule of Zurich Airport, and the customer will be obliged to pay this charge.