Card use & benefits

A Viseca card makes cashless payment a breeze. You have the right payment method wherever you are in the world, can always keep track of your expenditure and have complete peace of mind. Our main services at a glance.

Card use

Cashless payments, online shopping, booking flights, hotel check-ins, paying for drinks: it couldn't be simpler.

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Customer portal & billing

With our Digital Service "one", you can keep a close eye on your spending and statements, anytime.

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Your Viseca card offers attractive insurance services for your everyday life and for travel. Find out here how much protection it provides.

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Price savings

Your Viseca credit card allows you to benefit from special discounts and offers. Enjoy up to 15% off at Hertz, as well as wines with unbeatable offers at MyWine.

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Where there is light, there must be shadow. We tell you the threats you face online and how you can protect yourself.

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