Viseca splits card business into issuing and service provider

Zurich, 26 October 2020

As previously announced, Viseca Holding SA has today reorganised its card business activities and divided the enterprise into an issuing company and a service company. This action means that Viseca will be aligned even more consistently with the needs of customer banks, which will have the opportunity to be card issuers themselves in future.

Viseca’s card portfolio is now packaged within the new issuing company under the name of Viseca Card Services SA. The Managing Director of this company is Reto Gross, who moved from Worldline to Viseca. The newly formed Viseca Payment Services SA, on the other hand, will serve those customer banks which would like to be card issuers themselves in future and will offer them all manner of card business services. Max Schönholzer becomes CEO of the new Viseca Payment Services SA. Both companies are wholly owned by Viseca Holding SA (formerly Aduno Holding SA).

In preparation for the split, Aduno Holding SA was renamed as Viseca Holding SA on 18 June 2020. Accarda AG and Aduno Finance AG were also integrated into Viseca within the framework of two mergers. By taking this step, Viseca simplified its corporate structures and laid the foundations for the division that has now taken place.

Pascal Niquille, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Viseca Holding SA, says: “The division of Viseca into an issuing company and a service company is a strategically important step for us. We will be offering our customer banks the opportunity in future to be issuers themselves and giving them more freedom in the design of card products.”

Max Schönholzer, CEO of Viseca Payment Services SA, adds: “This modularisation of our offering as part of the division is unique in this industry. Within the issuer model, instead of card products we will offer our customers a host of freely combinable services relating to all aspects of the card business. This will enable us to respond even more specifically to the individual needs of our customers.”

Reto Gross, Managing Director of Viseca Card Services SA, also remarks: “I am delighted to be part of Viseca, and I look forward to contributing to the future success of the company. Together with our customer banks and co-branding partners, we will continue to expand our wide-ranging products and services – to the complete satisfaction of our partners. This will enable our cardholders to make payments any time and anywhere, simply, securely and conveniently, and to maintain complete control of their finances.”