3-D Secure security standard for online payments

3-D Secure is standard

Today, many online shops use 3-D Secure to guarantee the security of card payments. Before Viseca introduced the "one" service, a 3-D Secure password was needed as proof of identity. "one" eliminates the need to enter a static password. As well as being more convenient for you, this also increases the security of your online payments.

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Dynamic 3-D Secure with the app

The "one" app relies on dynamic 3-D Secure. It's very simple: when you have activated your app, you will receive a push notification on your smartphone. You can then conveniently check your online payment and confirm your identity. Your payment is then complete. If the amount is incorrect or there is anything else that seems suspicious to you, simply stop the transaction via the app. Payments have never been so secure. 

Dynamic 3-D Secure with text message

If you don't have Internet access or the "one" app is not activated on your smartphone, for 3-D Secure card payments you will receive a text message with a confirmation code. You should enter this code in the browser field as soon as you have reviewed the transaction.