Pay directly using your Garmin PayTM smartwatch

Whether supermarket shopping or your restaurant bill – paying for your purchases is always easy and convenient with Garmin Pay. All you need is "one" and a card from Viseca.

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It couldn't be simpler.

Forget your wallet – instead, just hold your Garmin Pay™ enabled watch up to the payment terminal: Once the payment goes through, your smartwatch will vibrate briefly and a tick mark (“√”) will be displayed.





Security with every payment you make.

Garmin Pay is a very secure way of paying. Your card details are protected by high-level encryption – and payments require your personal security code.

Set up Garmin Pay

Download the latest version of the Garmin Connect Mobile app and follow the instructions provided in the app.


Pay with Garmin Pay


It’s so easy to use Garmin Pay to pay for your purchases.


About Garmin Pay

Garmin Pay is a payment facility from Garmin that lets you make contactless payments easily and securely using your smartwatch (currently, the Vivoactive 3 model).

The Garmin Pay spending limit is the same that otherwise applies to your card.

In "one" you can view all the transactions made with your card.

Check the transaction overview and your card’s spending limit in "one". If you have other questions, please call our customer service on  +41 58 958 84 00.

Getting started

A smartphone is needed to activate Garmin Pay on your watch with the Garmin app. 

Yes. "one" is the digital service for your card that gives you a comprehensive overview of your spending at all times. The personal details (e-mail address, mobile number etc.) you store in "one" are required for the security check conducted when you activate Garmin Pay. 

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No. Payments can be made with your watch even if your smartphone is not nearby. Your watch also does not have to be connected to the Internet.

Paying with Garmin Pay

Wherever contactless payment is accepted.
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Garmin Pay can also be used internationally.

Yes. Comprehensive security measures apply to payment confirmations (authorisation) as well as data protection.

Payment authorisation: A personal security code is required in order to use Garmin Pay (wearable PIN). Due to automatic blocking of this personal security code (wearable PIN) on your smartwatch, you have to regularly re-enter the code - for instance, whenever you put on the watch or, at the latest, every 24 hours. If the automatic blocking is deactivated, your personal security code (wearable PIN) will have to be entered the next time you use Garmin Pay. This ensures that only you yourself can use Garmin Pay to pay. 

Data security: When you add your Viseca card to Garmin Pay, Garmin Pay generates an encrypted virtual image of your card on the wearable ("token" = a new digital card number). Only the Mastercard and Visa card organisations are able to identify the cardholder's actual card number from this token. When paying with Garmin Pay, only the token is transmitted to the vendor, i.e. the vendor does not receive any real card information. Garmin does not have access to this encrypted transaction information, because the information is only de-encrypted once it is on the wearable (not by the provider). This ensures the best possible protection for your card and transaction data.

No. The use of Garmin Pay requires a personal 4-digit security code (wearable PIN). Once you have entered this personal security code on your smartwatch, you no longer have to enter any further PIN code at the payment terminal (neither the PIN code for your card nor the wearable PIN) in order to authorise the payment, regardless of the amount.

1. Press the key on your watch to open the main menu.
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2. Select a card symbol.
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3. If prompted to do so, enter your 4-digit personal security code.
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4. Select the card you want to pay with and hold your watch up to the payment terminal.
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5. When the transaction has been completed, your watch will vibrate and a tick will be displayed on the screen.
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Managing your cards

Garmin Pay can be used with all personal and business cards issued by Viseca. Do you not yet have a card issued by Viseca? Find out more here.

Yes. You can activate several cards.

Yes, if you are registered for the surprize rewards programme. Find out more here.

Block or delete a card activated for Garmin Pay in the “Garmin Pay” menu of the Garmin app. You will still be able to use the physical card to make transactions. If you have other questions, please call our customer service on +41 58 958 84 00.

You can block and unblock cards activated for Garmin Pay in the “Garmin Pay” menu of the Garmin app. You will still be able to use the physical card to make transactions.

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