The right credit card from Viseca

With Mastercard® and Visa credit and Prepaid cards, you can make payments worldwide, securely, simply and cash-free.
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Leading banking partners

You can also apply to one of our banking partners for a card.
With these cards issued by Viseca, you will enjoy the same benefits.


Other cards offered by our banking partners

The latest generation of cards from Mastercard: Our newest cards offer you even more for online shopping, purchases made at points of sale in Switzerland and abroad and cash withdrawals.

The new Mastercard Flex 

A debit and credit card plus lots more all in one card.
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The new Debit Mastercard

The direct way to pay – now also online.
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Our credit or Prepaid cards

You already have a Viseca credit card and want to order an additional card? Please click here
If you have a card from our banking partners and want to apply for an additional card, please contact your bank directly.

Special cards

Visa Platinum

The credit card with exclusive entitlements for the most discerning users.
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Gold International in EUR/USD

The credit card with no currency risk.
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MercedesCard Mastercard

The credit card for avid Mercedes drivers.
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Flying Blue World Mastercard

Collect miles when you make cashless payments and when you fly.
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Your advantages

Making secure payments worldwide

Our cards come with the latest security tools. If you report a lost card or suspicious activity promptly, transactions will not even be debited.

Full spending control in real time

With "one" (web portal and app), you have all the key information such as current expenditure and available credit firmly under control.

Attractive bonus programme

Each time you use your credit or prepaid card, our surprize bonus programme awards you valuable points. You can then redeem these at any time in exchange for attractive vouchers or rewards.

Contactless payment

At the point of sale, a quick flick of the wrist is all it takes to pay amounts up to CHF 80 without a pin or signature. It couldn't be more convenient.