Samsung Pay – Easy. Secure. Everywhere.

Whether at kiosks, restaurants or abroad. Wherever you use your credit, debit or prepaid card, you can use Samsung Pay just as easily. All you need is a Samsung smartphone, a Viseca card and "one".

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Participating banks


Just swipe once upwards.

Use Samsung Pay wherever payment cards are accepted. Samsung Pay is also supported by selected online merchants.




Your bank information is protected at all times.

Multiple security layers – from authentication to encryption of your card data to Samsung Knox – ensure that sensitive data stays anonymous and is always protected.

Pay by smartwatch.

Pay with Samsung Pay and your Samsung smartwatch – your smartphone does not have to be nearby.

Start now.

Just activate your card in the "one" app for Samsung Pay.

Pay conveniently with Samsung Pay.

All your transactions at a glance.

In “one” app, you will also find all your Samsung Pay transactions summarised by expenditure category.

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About Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is a payment facility from Samsung that lets you make contactless payments easily and securely using your smartphone or smartwatch.

The Samsung Pay spending limit is the same spending limit that otherwise applies to your card.

In “one” you can view all the transactions made with your card. Under “Transactions” in the Samsung Wallet App, only the most recent transactions made with Samsung Pay are shown.

Check the transaction overview and your card’s spending limit in “one”. If you have other questions, please call our customer service on +41 58 958 84 00.

Getting started

You have to have a Samsung Pay-compatible smartphone and the Samsung Wallet App.

Yes. "one" is the digital service for your card that gives you a comprehensive overview of your spending at all times. The personal details (e-mail address, mobile number etc.) you store in "one" are required for the security check conducted when you activate Samsung Pay.

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Paying with Samsung Pay

Yes. Comprehensive security measures apply to payment confirmations (authorisation) as well as data protection.

Payment authorisation

To use Samsung Pay, a personal security code (Samsung Pay PIN) is required, which has to be entered whenever you pay with Samsung Pay. A biometric security feature, such as a fingerprint, may also be required in place of the security code.

Data security

When you add your Viseca card to Samsung Pay, it generates an encrypted virtual image of your card on the mobile device ("token" = a new digital card number). Only the Mastercard and Visa card organisations are able to identify the cardholder's actual card number from this "token". When paying with Samsung Pay, only the token is transmitted to the vendor, i.e. the vendor does not receive any real card information. Samsung does not have access to this encrypted transaction information. This ensures the best possible protection for your card and transaction data.

Wherever contactless payment is accepted. 

Kontaktless Bezahlen

Samsung Pay can also be used internationally.

  1. Unblock the Samsung Wallet App and hold your mobile device up to the payment terminal.
  2. Double-check that the payment terminal has confirmed your payment.
  3. Done!

Managing your cards

Yes, if you are registered for the surprize rewards programme. Find out more here.

Block or delete the mobile device in your Samsung account; this blocks or deletes the card(s) you had activated for Samsung Pay. Transactions are still possible using the physical card.

Alternatively, you can report the loss to us by calling +41 58 958 83 83 or block the physical card in the “one” app. Doing this blocks all the virtual cards.

In the Samsung Wallet App, you can block and unblock the virtual card. Transactions are still possible using the physical card.

The entirety of credit cards for individuals and businesses (Mastercard and Visa) from Viseca, including credit cards issued by participating Banks, can be used for Samsung Pay. Find out more here.
Samsung Pay only functions with cards from participating card issuers and payment networks with compatible electronic payment terminals that permit cards to be swiped or contactless payment. Online payments are only possible with vendors who support the online payment feature.

Yes, you can activate multiple cards for Samsung Pay.

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