Price protection insurance

Your home cinema is finally ready for action. You have refurnished your living room and finally created space for your new huge curved TV. And now you discover that you could have bought the exact same TV in a small shop in the city centre for a lot less. This is where Viseca’s price protection insurance comes in: If you paid with your credit card, the insurance will refund you the price difference without further ado.

Did you find your newly purchased television at a better price at another Swiss vendor up to 14 days later? The price difference will be reimbursed to you if it is at least CHF 30.

The insurance covers movable items for private purposes.

The insurance is included with the following Viseca credit cards:

  • Prepaid Mastercard/Visa
  • World Mastercard Silver/Gold
  • Visa Classic/Gold
  • Visa GKB HCD Card
  • Flying Blue World Mastercard
  • Visa Platinum

The following prerequisites must be met for the insurance to provide cover:

  • At least 60% of the price of the insured item was paid with a credit card / prepaid card from Viseca.
  • The insured item is intended for private purposes.
  • Both the purchased item and its cheaper equivalent originate from a merchant based in Switzerland (e.g. retail store, mail-order business, online supplier).
  • The identical, cheaper equivalent can be proven to have been discovered within 14 days of the purchase.
  • The price difference is at least CHF 30.

The following maximum insured sums apply per event:

  • CHF 1 000: Prepaid Mastercard and Prepaid Visa
  • CHF 2 000: World Mastercard Silver/Gold, Visa Classic/Gold, Visa GKB HCD Card and Flying Blue World Mastercard.
  • CHF 4 000: Visa Platinum

There is no policy excess.

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Detailed conditions and exclusions are provided in the Insurance Conditions.
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