Purchase protection and transport insurance

The elaborately ornate fruit bowl made by the world-renowned Meissen porcelain factory is the perfect Christmas present for your parents. If only it weren’t so bitterly cold outside! As you leave the store, the unthinkable happens: You slide on a frozen puddle and lose your balance. You come to no harm when you fall, but the porcelain shatters into a thousand pieces. Fortunately, there’s purchase protection and transport insurance from Viseca. It protects your purchases for 30 days after you buy them.

You’re thrilled with the digital camera you just bought yourself. Excited to try it out, you accidentally drop it and it breaks. No problem! If your purchases are worth at least CHF 50, they are insured for 30 days after purchase against theft or damage.

The insurance covers movable items for private purposes that are worth at least CHF 50.

The following prerequisites must be met for the insurance to provide cover:

  • Within 30 days of the purchase, the insured item has been stolen, destroyed or damaged or, in the case of an online purchase, either delivered incorrectly or not delivered at all or not accepted if it has been returned.
  • At least 60% of the price of the insured item was paid with a Viseca credit card.
  • The insured item is intended for private purposes.
  • The value of the item is at least CHF 50.

The following maximum insured sum applies per event:

  • CHF 1 000: World Mastercard Silver, Visa Classic and Visa GKB HCD Card.
  • CHF 2 000: World Mastercard Gold, Visa Gold and Flying Blue World Mastercard.
  • CHF 5 000: Visa Platinum.

There is no policy excess.

The insurance is included in the annual fee for your Viseca card and does not cause any additional costs.

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