Important information concerning trip cancellation insurance

We have been receiving many inquiries about trip cancellation insurance due to the covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Please note the following points:
  • First, please contact your tour operator, booking website or service provider directly (airline, hotel, rental car agency); for package tours booked through a tour operator, the tour operator is liable first (package travel law).
  • For trips put together and booked individually: contact the service providers with which you booked your trip (for example, airline and car rental agencies, hotels, event organisers, etc.) to check the rebooking and cancellation options and to request a refund.
  • We ask that you enclose all necessary documents (reservation, cancellation and rejection of reimbursement claims by the service provider) with your claim so that our insurance partners can carefully analyse the damages.
  • Trip cancellation insurance is only effective if
    • all travellers are a part of the same household (only partners and children up to 25 years of age);
    • at least 60% of the trip was paid for with the card;
    • no reimbursement has been issued by the tour operator;
    • the General Insurance Conditions were complied with.

Please note the General Insurance Conditions and our travel insurance FAQs.

Unfortunately, due to the large number of inquiries, there may be a wait time before we can process your request and the insurance claims.

Our insurance partners are monitoring further developments on a daily basis. For updates, adjustments and additional information, please see our website


Here you can lodge objections to credit card transactions that you find are incorrect or unjustified.

All credit card transactions are transmitted by Mastercard Worldwide or Visa International and forwarded to Viseca for processing. Once the transaction has been booked to your credit card, you as the cardholder then have the opportunity to lodge an objection with Viseca to any transaction you do not agree with and request a refund in writing within 30 days of the billing date.

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