SwatchPAY! – The coolest way to pay

SwatchPAY! is like something from a James Bond film. You just hold your watch up to the payment terminal – and your transaction is automatically completed. All you need is "one" and a card from Viseca.

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Using your watch to pay is cool.

Your SwatchPAY! watch looks like a regular Swatch – but it’s actually much more. You can make contactless payments just by briefly holding your watch up to the payment terminal. How cool is that?




Ready to pay - no charging required.

With your SwatchPAY! watch you never have to worry about phone battery problems again – you’re always ready to make convenient, contactless payments no matter where you are. Because the NFC module in your watch works just like a credit card, with no battery needed.

Paying has never been so cool.

Set up SwatchPAY!

Activate SwatchPAY! really easily with the SwatchPAY! app.


Pay with SwatchPAY!

Using SwatchPAY! is easy and cool!


About SwatchPAY!

SwatchPAY! is a payment facility from Swatch that lets you make contactless payments easily and securely using your SwatchPAY! watch.

The SwatchPAY! spending limit is the same spending limit that otherwise applies to your card.

In “one” you can view all the transactions made with your card. 

Check the transaction overview and your card’s spending limit in "one". If you have other questions, please call our customer service on +41 58 958 84 00.

Getting started

You need a SwatchPAY! watch and the SwatchPAY! app.

Yes. "one" is the digital service for your card that gives you a comprehensive overview of your spending at all times. The personal details (e-mail address, mobile number etc.) you store in "one" are required for the security check conducted when you activate SwatchPAY!.

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No. Payments can be made with your SwatchPAY! watch even if your smartphone is not nearby.

Paying with SwatchPAY!

Yes, if the amount of the transaction is more than the contactless limit.

1. Hold your SwatchPAY! watch up near the payment terminal.
2. Double-check that the payment terminal has confirmed your payment.
3. Done!

Yes. Comprehensive security measures apply to payment confirmations (authorisation) as well as data protection.

Data security: when you add your Viseca card to SwatchPAY!, it generates an encrypted virtual image of your card on the wearable (a so called token = a new digital card number). Only the Mastercard® and Visa card organisations are able to identify the cardholder's actual card number from this token. When paying with SwatchPAY!, only the token is transmitted to the vendor.

Wherever contactless payment is accepted.
Kontaktless Bezahlen
SwatchPAY! can also be used internationally.

Managing your cards

SwatchPAY! can be used with all cards for private and business clients issued by Viseca. Don’t have a card yet? Find out more here.

No. Only one card can be activated for a given SwatchPAY! watch

Yes, if you are registered for the surprize rewards programme. Find out more here.

In the SwatchPAY! app, block or delete the virtual card activated for SwatchPAY! Transactions are still possible using the physical card. If you have other questions, please call our customer service on +41 58 958 84 00.

You can block and deactivate the virtual card in the SwatchPAY! app. Transactions are still possible using the physical card.

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