Contactless payment

Pay for your everyday purchases quickly and securely just by holding your card up to the payment terminal. For purchases totalling less than CHF 80.– you don’t even have to enter your PIN code.

Fast and secure

Never waste time again looking for small change, because now you can pay the contactless way! Pay for smaller purchases in just seconds using the contactless feature of your Viseca credit card or prepaid card. Just hold your card up to the contactless symbol at the payment terminal and wait until you see the green light or hear the beep confirming payment. That’s it!

Wherever you see the contactless payment logo displayed:

Even when you’re abroad

Use the contactless payment feature to pay for smaller purchases without your PIN code even when you’re abroad. The limits may differ according to country.

For larger amounts, your personal PIN code is required.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • It’s easy. Never waste time again looking for small change – pay the contactless way!
  • It’s fast. Just hold your card up to the payment terminal – that’s it!
  • It’s secure. No risk, owing to the close proximity to the card reader.
  • Use it worldwide. Wherever the contactless logo is displayed you can use the contactless payment feature – worldwide.
  • Benefits. Earn valuable surprize points with every payment transaction you make.

Contactless payment – here’s how it works

FAQ’s on the contactless payment feature

When making a contactless payment, you hold your card just a few centimetres away from a payment terminal that has the contactless feature enabled. You neither have to insert the card into the terminal, nor do you have to touch the terminal. Wireless technology (near-field communication/NFC) enables the relevant payment data to be transmitted in encrypted form.

"In Switzerland: You do not need to enter your PIN code for amounts under CHF 80. For amounts of CHF 80 or more, you will have to enter your PIN code or provide your signature. Please note what it says on the display.

Abroad: You do need to enter your PIN code for small amounts. The threshold varies from country to country. In the EU, for example, you do not need to enter your PIN code for amounts under EUR 25."

Cards with the contactless function can be used worldwide at all locations where the relevant acceptance point infrastructure is in place. Nearly all payment terminals in Switzerland are already equipped with the contactless function.

If your card has the contactless symbol, you can use it for contactless payments immediately without the need for you to sign up for it.


No, you can make as many contactless payments as you wish.

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