Terms and Conditions of Use for one Digital Service



one Digital Service (“one”) includes functionalities for managing the card and provides an overview of transactions through the “one App” or on the internet via “one Web”. one is provided by Viseca Card Services SA (“Viseca”) to holders of physical and/or virtual payment cards (“cards”). Registered card holders are referred to hereinafter as “Users”.

These Terms and Conditions consist of the following sections and govern the rights and obligations between one Users and Viseca.


1. Range of functions of one

one includes functions for managing the card and provides an overview of transactions. The range of functions is being continuously expanded. The current range of functions of one is shown in the current web and app version and includes, among other things:

  • User account to manage personal data;
  • Overview of transactions and registered cards;
  • Display and activation of electronic invoices;
  • Confirmation of online transactions, e.g. via 3-D Secure (see sec. 8.1);
  • Registration of card for mobile payment services (see sec. 8.2);
  • Activation of card for Click to Pay (see sec. 8.3);
  • Push messages, SMS services;
  • Blocking of cards and ordering replacement cards and new PINs;
  • Display and redemption of surprize points;
  • Transaction categorisation and expenditure control;
  • Contact form and customer service.


2. Registration, use and further development of one

Use of one requires personal registration. one is available via the one web portal (“Web”) www.one-digitalservice.ch and the one Mobile Application (“App”). New or enhanced functions are provided to Users on an ongoing basis by means of updates. Viseca will inform Users in an appropriate manner about product and functional modifications. If Users reject new or updated terms and conditions concerning the use of one as part of further developments and the introduction of new features, individual features may in certain circumstances not be used or may no longer be fully used on the Web or in the App.

Viseca recommends that these Terms and Conditions be consulted on a regular basis. The version published at www.viseca.ch/en/terms/one is the most recent version in each case. Viseca shall inform Users whenever changes take effect.


3. Effect of confirmations

Each confirmation made via the App or by entering an SMS code will be deemed to be an action by Users.


4. Availability, Blocking and Changes

Viseca may at any time interrupt, restrict, discontinue or replace the option of using one in whole or in part without prior notice for good cause. In particular, Viseca has the right to block Users' access to one temporarily or permanently (e.g. if improper use is suspected).


5. Users' duties of care

The duties of care in connection with the use of devices (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, etc.) for the use of one include keeping the devices used secure at all times, and apply in addition to the duties of care under Viseca’s General Terms and Conditions (GTCs). Users must treat and protect devices with reasonable care. Users undertake to comply with the following duties of care in connection with the devices used:

  • Changes to the telephone number or email address in order to communicate with one must be made via the one Web or App;
  • Users must select a password that is not easily identifiable (e.g. no telephone numbers, dates of birth, vehicle registration number etc.). The password must not be recorded or saved in unsecured form;
  • A screen lock must be activated for mobile devices and security measures must be taken to prevent unauthorised access;
  • Antivirus and internet security programmes must be installed and kept up to date on the User's mobile devices and laptop/computer;
  • The one App may only be downloaded from official stores (e.g. Apple Store and Google Play Store);
  • Updates to the App must be installed immediately;
  • In the event of the loss of a mobile device, the SIM card or the device or the User account must be blocked or reset and, if necessary, the data deleted;
  • The App must be deleted prior to a sale or other permanent transfer of the device to a third party;
  • Interventions in the operating system must be avoided.


6. Users' reporting obligations

The following events must be reported to Viseca immediately by telephone on Tel. +41 (0)58 958 83 10 (24h), via the one App or Web:

  • Confirmation requests that are not related to an online payment, login or contact with Viseca;
  • Any other suspicion that confirmation requests in the App or the SMS codes do not originate from Viseca;
  • Suspicion of misuse of personal data, passwords, devices, Web or App.

In addition, corresponding adjustments, such as blocking cards, must be made independently.


7. Risks and losses

In the event that Users incur any losses as a result of the subscription, modification or termination of one, they are deemed to be at the Users' own risk. Viseca disclaims any and all liability.

one can be accessed via the Internet. Viseca cannot guarantee that access is possible at all times or without interruption. 

Liability for losses in connection with the use of cards is governed by Viseca’s General Terms and Conditions (GTCs).


8. Special Terms and Conditions for 3-D Secure, Mobile Payment and Click to Pay

The following provisions apply additionally to Users who use the 3-D Secure, Mobile Payment and Click to Pay services.


8.1 3-D Secure

3-D Secure is an internationally recognised security standard for online transactions with cards. Users are obliged to use this security standard wherever possible when making payments. Upon registration in one, 3-D Secure is activated for all the cards in the name of the User and which are related to the registered business relationship of the User with the issuer. For security reasons, once activated, 3-D Secure cannot be deactivated.


8.2 Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment enables Users who have a compatible mobile device to use authorised cards for contactless payments and online transactions via the one app or the app of a third-party provider.

Viseca is not a provider of mobile payment solutions, but rather can only facilitate the registration of the card with selected third-party providers of mobile payment solutions. Activation of a card requires that Users take note of and accept the terms of use and data protection provisions of the third-party provider in question.

Each use of a card through a mobile payment solution is deemed to be authorised by the User. Costs in connection with the activation and use of Mobile Payment (e.g. costs for mobile Internet use abroad) will be borne by the User.

Viseca may suspend, restrict or terminate the use of Mobile Payment at any time. Users may terminate the use of Mobile Payment at any time by removing the cards they have registered with the respective provider.

Before selling or permanently passing on the mobile device to anyone, each card must be deleted in the provider's app and on the mobile device. If the card is blocked or cancelled, Users are obliged to remove it from the mobile payment solutions.

Users acknowledge that the use of mobile payment solutions entails additional risks despite all security measures. In particular, it is possible that data may be misused or viewed by unauthorised persons, which could cause financial losses or reputational injury to Users.


8.3 Click to Pay

Click to Pay is an initiative of the international card organisations MasterCard and VISA ("Card Organisations"), which simplifies payment for online purchases. This requires registration of the card as well as the email and delivery address with the Card Organisation. After successful registration, Users can make online purchases with their email address anywhere the Click to Pay symbol is visible without having to enter card details.

Users can register the card for Click to Pay in the one App. Registration requires that the User accepts the terms of use of the Card Organisation and take note of its data protection provisions. After the card has been registered, Viseca transmits information on the card, email address and delivery address to the Card Organisation with the User's consent. In the Click to Pay user account, the information on cards, email address and delivery address stored for the payment can be edited and deleted at any time.

The terms of use and instructions of the respective Card Organisation apply to the use of Click to Pay. Viseca is not liable for any losses resulting from the use of Click to Pay.

As the registered delivery address may not correspond to the desired delivery address, Users must check the delivery address transmitted to the merchant as part of the payment transaction with Click to Pay. Entering delivery addresses during the payment process does not result in a change to the registered primary delivery address or to the billing address registered with Viseca.

The Card Organisation may further make further developments to Click to Pay or block Click to Pay at any time, in particular if there is reason to believe that Click to Pay is being used fraudulently.

Users can terminate their use of Click to Pay at any time by removing the registered card from the Card Organisation.


9. Intellectual Property Rights and Licensing

For the use of the App, Viseca grants Users a non-exclusive, non-transferable, perpetual, revocable and royalty-free license to download the App, install it on a device in the User’s permanent possession and use it in accordance with the intended functions.
The complete or partial reproduction, transmission in electronic or other form, modification, linking or use for public or commercial purposes of one Web and App is prohibited without the prior written consent of Viseca. All property rights remain with Viseca.
All rights (in particular copyrights and trademark rights) to software, text, images, videos, names, logos and other data and information that are accessible via one or become accessible over time belong exclusively to Viseca or the corresponding partners and third parties (e.g. Mastercard, Visa).


10. Data Protection


10.1 Controller

Viseca Card Services SA is the Controller with responsibility for the processing of personal data.


10.2 Processing of personal data

The handling of personal data in connection with the use of one is described in Viseca’s General Privacy Policy, which can be downloaded at www.viseca.ch/en/data-protection/viseca. Users may also request it from Viseca in writing or by telephone.


11. Termination and applicable law


11.1 Termination

Users may terminate the contractual relationship with Viseca in respect of one at any time without notice by notifying Viseca in writing or by deleting the App. Upon termination of the card agreement with Viseca, subscription to one also automatically terminates.


11.2 Transfer of contractual relationship

Viseca may, at any time, transfer the contractual relationship or individual claims or obligations arising therefrom to third parties in Switzerland and abroad. Data relating to the contractual relationship (including disclosure of any banking relationships) may, where necessary, be made available to these third parties in this context.


11.3 Exclusion in the event of misuse and breach of contract

In the event of any misuse or a breach of these Terms and Conditions, Viseca reserves the right to exclude Users from the use of one.


11.4 Applicable Law

The legal relationship between Users and Viseca is governed by Swiss law. The place of performance, jurisdiction and, for users domiciled abroad, the place of debt enforcement shall be Zurich.


Version May 2022

Viseca Card Services SA, Hagenholzstrasse 56, P.O. Box 7007, 8050 Zurich, Phone +41 (0)58 958 84 00