Pay quickly and securely 
with Google Pay™️

Enjoy all the advantages of your Viseca card from a participating bank with Google Pay. With Google Pay, you can pay easily, quickly and securely at millions of places – on websites, in apps and in shops.

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Participating banks


Faster than any card.

With Google Pay, you no longer have to search for your cards, you simply pay with what you already have in your hand: your smartphone.




Encrypted and protected by Google.

Google Pay protects your payment information with multiple layers of security and one of the most advanced security infrastructures in the world. So your account will always be safe.

Pay by smartwatch.

Pay with Google Wallet and your smartwatch such as the Fitbit Sense 2 or Google Pixel Watch – your smartphone does not have to be nearby.

Here we go!

Activate your Viseca card for Google Pay in “one” app in a few simple steps.

Pay anywhere easily.

All your transactions at a glance.

In “one” app, you will also find all your Google Pay transactions summarised by expenditure category.

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About Google Pay

Google Pay is the fast, simple way to pay at millions of places – on sites, in apps, and in stores. It brings together everything you need at checkout and protects your payment info with multiple layers of security.

The Google Pay spending limit is the same spending limit that otherwise applies to your card.

In “one” you can view all the transactions made with your card. Plus, an overview shows all your transactions organised by category.

In the Google Pay app under “Activities” you’ll find an overview summarising the most recent transactions you’ve made with Google Pay.

Check the transaction overview and your card’s spending limit in “one”. If you have other questions, please call our customer service on +41 58 958 84 00.

Getting started

  • An eligible device
  • A supported card issued by Viseca and participating banks
  • Android Lollipop (5.0) or higher


To make purchases in stores: Make sure your device meets software standards, has NFC, and NFC is turned on. Your phone must also have HCE.

If you have another contactless payment app on your phone: In your phone’s Settings app, make Google Pay the default payment app.

No. The “one” app is all you need for activation and your day-to-day use.

Yes. "one" is the digital service for your card that gives you a comprehensive overview of your spending at all times. The personal details (e-mail address, mobile number etc.) you store in "one" are required for the security check conducted when you activate Google Pay.

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Paying with Google Pay

Yes. Comprehensive security measures apply to payment confirmations (authorisation) as well as data protection.

Authentication: To use Google Pay, the device lock (PIN, fingerprint, facial recognition, pattern etc.) for your smartphone/smartwatch must be activated. For amounts over the contactless limit, your smartphone/smartwatch has to be unlocked so you can confirm the transaction. Confirmation may not be required for transactions totalling less than the contactless limit.

Data security: When you add your Viseca card to Google Pay, an encrypted virtual image of the card is generated on your mobile device. This represents a new card number in digital form called a “token”. Only the Mastercard and Visa card organisations can match the token to the cardholder’s actual card number. When you use Google Pay, the merchant only receives the virtual card number, not your actual card information. Google does not have access to these encrypted transaction details. This ensures the best possible protection for your card and transaction information.

You can pay with Google Pay wherever you see either the contactless or Google Pay symbols. Look for them on the payment terminal screen or on the cash register at checkout.

Contactless payment Contactless payment

Google Pay can also be used internationally.

Important: You’ll need to turn on NFC to pay in stores. To turn on NFC, check your phone’s settings app.

Pay with your phone

  1. Wake up & unlock your phone.
  2. Hold the back of your phone close to the payment reader for a few seconds.
  3. If prompted, follow the instructions on the screen.

Pay on an app or website

  1. At checkout, tap the Google Pay button.
  2. If asked, choose a payment method and enter your shipping address.
  3. Confirm your order.

Pay with your smartwatch

  1. On your watch, open the Google Wallet app.
  2. Hold your watch over the contactless payment reader until you hear a sound or feel vibration from your watch.
  3. If asked, choose "Credit" regardless of your type of card.
  4. For debit card transactions, you may have to enter a PIN. Use the PIN you set up with your bank.

Managing your cards

Yes, you can activate multiple cards for Google Pay.

In the “one” app, you can also remove cards that you’ve activated for Google Pay:

  1. Tap “Cards” on the Google Pay screen.
  2. Select “Remove card”.

Yes, if you are registered for the surprize rewards programme. Find out more here.

Block the mobile device or delete your data through your Google account. The card(s) activated for Google Pay are thereby blocked or deleted. Transactions are still possible using the physical card.

Alternatively, you can report the loss to us by calling +41 58 958 83 83 or block the physical card in the “one” app. Doing this blocks all the virtual cards.

The entirety of cards for individuals and businesses (Mastercard and Visa) from Viseca, including cards issued by participating Banks, can be used for Google Pay. Don’t have a card yet? Find out more here.

Answers to other questions about Google Pay