Medical travel assistance

You were so looking forward to your big adventure, but your trip to the tropical Amazon rainforest is ill-fated. Already on day three your partner falls ill with malaria and has a sky-high fever. It’s good to know that Viseca is there for you: If a medical emergency occurs while you’re travelling abroad, our 24-hour medical travel assistance service will organise the help you need.

Medical travel assistance offers you round-the-clock assistance in case of a medical emergency during your trip abroad. In addition to the organisation of assistance, insured services also include cost coverage for: - Return trip, return transport or repatriation - Transfer to a suitable hospital - Medical treatment not covered by health or accident insurance Contact us in case of emergency on +41 44 283 34 18.

The insurance covers the cardholder (primary, second, additional and partner cards), their spouse or partner or registered partner living in the same household and children under the age of 25 who are entitled to support, provided they live in the same household or are resident in Switzerland.

The following prerequisites must be met for the insurance to provide cover:

  • A medical emergency occurs during the trip.
  • The insured person’s place of residence is in Switzerland.
  • The trip is a private trip lasting no more than 90 days.
  • The insurer is contacted immediately and consents to the measures taken.

The following maximum insured sums apply per event for World Mastercard Gold, Visa Gold, World Mastercard Flex Gold (credit function) and Flying Blue World Mastercard:

  • Return trip and repatriation: CHF 250 000 for cardholders resident in Switzerland.
  • Medical treatment: CHF 250 000 for cardholders resident in Switzerland who are under the age of 81.

The benefits are provided on a subsidiary basis to those provided by the statutory Swiss social insurance schemes (accident insurance, health insurance, etc.) and to any other supplementary insurance policies, provided that these do not fully cover the costs of emergency hospitalisation and emergency outpatient treatment. There is no policy excess.

Do you want to report a claim?

IMPORTANT: In the event of a claim, you are obliged to contact the insurer by phone +41 44 283 34 18.

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More information about the required documents can be found in our FAQs.
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Detailed conditions and exclusions are provided in the Insurance Conditions:
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