Spending Target: New function of the “one” app, the leading card app from Viseca, offers customers even more control over their finances 

Zurich, 9 November 2020

The latest update of the multi-award-winning “one” app from Viseca gives cardholders even greater control of their finances. “Spending Target” enables users to plan and keep track of their card spending. Viseca’s aim with this is to provide even more active support for its customers in making informed purchasing decisions. This function is based on a research app developed with the Auto-ID Lab, a joint research lab at ETH Zurich and the University of St. Gallen.


The latest update of the popular “one” card app gives holders of Viseca credit and debit cards even more control over their expenditure: The new “Spending Target” function allows users to set a weekly spending target. They specify how much money they want to spend per week. Their expenditure is then compared to the target continuously and transparently. The app also provides a variety of responses such as: “You are spending your money too quickly”. This weekly feedback from the app with regards to the spending target gives customers a clear picture of their outlay. That helps them to make informed purchasing decisions and to stay in control of their card spending.

“Spending Target” is based on the research app “Walter Finance”, developed jointly by Viseca and the Auto-ID Lab of ETH Zurich and the University of St. Gallen. The app was designed specifically for the purpose of learning more about the spending habits of card users. Over 1,000 people used the research app intensively over a period of two years. More information about the “Walter Finance” project can be found here: https://www.autoidlabs.ch/projects/walter-finance/

Klaus Fuchs, Associate Research Director at the Auto-ID Lab, says: “Financial literacy is one of the main concerns of customers when it comes to finance. Customers want to have a comprehensive picture of their financial data. This includes a consolidated overview of their spending at all times so that they can make informed purchasing decisions. This is the goal we pursued with Walter Finance. I am delighted that our research app has now been integrated into Viseca’s “one” app in the form of a new function, so it is now available to a wide group of users.”

Tobias Wirth, Head of Digital Business & Innovation at Viseca Payment Services SA, adds: “At Viseca, we have always been committed to supporting our customers in managing their spending with innovative digital services. We are now implementing this approach consistently with the introduction of Spending Target in the “one” app. This means that our more than 1.7 million customers can use their payment card every day safe in the knowledge that they have full control over their spending.”

About Auto-ID Labs

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