Luggage insurance


After a long flight, you finally arrive in Bangkok. Unfortunately, your luggage was mistakenly sent to Manila.
If your luggage fails to turn up within four hours of arrival at your planned destination, the luggage insurance provided through the Corporate Card will cover your expenses for purchases of essential items of clothing and toiletries for the first 24 hours.
If your luggage is lost, stolen or damaged at any point during your trip, you will be reimbursed for the replacement value or the cost of repairs.

Luggage insurance covers you in the event your luggage is stolen, damaged, destroyed or lost during the trip. The luggage insurance covers losses with respect to the luggage itself, the insured contents and personal effects in the case of theft, loss or damage/destruction. It also covers the costs of purchases of essential clothing and toiletries in the first 24 hours of your stay if your luggage is travelling by public transport and fails to arrive within four hours of your arrival at your destination (not your home).

The insurance covers up to five persons (cardholder, employees and non-employees) on a business trip for which at least 50% of the total costs were paid using one or more insured cards.

The following maximum insured sums apply:

 Up to CHF 2'500 per incident and person: Mastercard® Business Card Silver, Mastercard® Corporate Card Silver

 Up to CHF 5'000 per incident and person: Mastercard® Business Card Gold, Mastercard® Corporate Card Gold

No excess is payable.

The following requirements must be met to qualify for insurance cover:
  • The trip is a business trip lasting no more than 120 days.
  • At least 50% of the costs of the trip were paid for with one or more valid Viseca company card(s).

Additional conditions apply to insurance for lost, stolen or damaged luggage:
  • During the trip, the luggage was damaged, lost or stolen (theft, or robbery involving the threat or use of violence against the insured person).
  • The loss/damage was reported to the appropriate party.

Also, in the case of delay:
  • The luggage fails to turn up within four hours of the arrival of the insured person at the holiday destination.
  • The delay occurred in connection with travel by public transport.
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