Viseca card applications

Viseca Prepaid
Viseca Silver/Classic/Gold
Viseca additional card
Gold International in EUR/USD
Visa Platinum


Disputed transaction claim forms

    Objecting to a credit card transaction


Terms & conditions and fees

Conditions for the use of the credit and PrePaid cards issued by Viseca Card Services SA

General conditions of use for Mastercard Flex and Debit Mastercard issued by Viseca

    Terms and conditions for use of "one"
    Data protection policy of Viseca Card Services SA
    Data protection policy of Viseca Card Services SA for "one"
Special conditions surprize
Special conditions for the eBanking
Agreement to pay by instalments
Summary of fees for credit cards and PrePaid cards
    Fees Mastercard Flex
    Fees Debit Mastercard


Insurance & claim forms

Note: Due to a large number of claims, processing may be delayed at present.

General Insurance Conditions
General Insurance Conditions Visa Platinum
Loss notification medical travel assistance
Loss notification trip cancellation/trip interruption insurance and collision damage excess waiver on hired vehicles
Loss notification insurance for lost, stolen or damaged luggage and delayed luggage insurance
Loss notification price protection insurance, purchase protection insurance and extended warranty
Loss notification travel and flight insurance
Supplementary sheet: Medical questionnaire


General forms and documents

Change of address for private clients
List of subscription services
Limits for personal cards
Power of Attorney