Power of attorney

You can authorise a third party to act as your power of attorney in dealings with Viseca.

An authorised representative can request information about your customer data stored with Viseca, as well as details of invoices, transactions, objections to transactions, authorised and rejected requests, bonus schemes, and your entire correspondence. He/she is also authorised to terminate the card account registered under the name of the principal. If necessary, the authorised representative can have your card blocked and request a replacement card. However, power of attorney excludes the right to effect a transfer of card funds to a given bank account or to apply for a new credit card from the Viseca portfolio on behalf of the principal.

The authorised representative may perform all actions that the power of attorney empowers them to perform, including for their own benefit and for the benefit of third parties. The authorised representative’s signatures and all other statements and actions are completely binding on the principal. The principal certifies the authenticity of the authorised representative’s signature and accepts that the power of attorney will remain in effect until revoked in writing.

It should be expressly noted that such power of attorney does not expire but remains effective after the principal dies or loses the capacity to act (Swiss Code of Obligations, Art. 35).

The list of authorised signatories must be completed by domiciliary companies and other legal entities for which the persons authorised to sign are not indicated in the documents of association. The signatures of all bodies of the company, auxiliary persons and third parties authorised to sign vis-à-vis Viseca must be disclosed. You should fill out the list of authorised signatures for this purpose.