You normally receive an invoice each month – or at least every two months in the case of smaller invoice amounts of up to CHF/EUR/USD 50. You can also use VisecaOne to view transactions not yet invoiced. You can pay your invoice via payment slip or direct debit/Debit Direct.

Log in to VisecaOne to see the date of your next invoice. The invoice date depends on which credit card you own and which payment method you have chosen (direct debit or payment slip).

If your invoice total amounts to no more than CHF/EUR/USD 50, you will only receive an invoice once every two months. However, VisecaOne is a free online account that enables you to keep track of your expenditure and balance at all times.

All your invoices for the previous 12 months are available as PDFs in VisecaOne. If you require an older invoice, you can order copies via the contact form. Copies that you order via the contact form will be sent to you by post.

Monthly invoices cannot be sent by e-mail for security reasons. As a cardholder, you only can only access the VisecaOne online service and your personal data via multiple security steps.