Online security

You can use your credit card/prepaid card safely and securely for online shopping, provided you take a number of security precautions. You should also check your invoices on a regular basis.

Only use your credit card for purchases from vendors you trust. Indications as to whether you can trust the vendor include information about data encryption, as well as the provider’s postal address, e-mail address, phone number and general terms and conditions. Print out your order, including the merchant’s homepage, or make a note of the URL. Keep all documents in a safe place. Make sure that you shop on websites that display “https” in the URL. When you are on an “https” website, your browser will include the padlock icon in the browser toolbar. When paying online, use the 3-D Secure facility if the website allows this. For further information on 3-D Secure, VisecaOne and Masterpass, visit When making purchases, always check the merchant’s general terms and conditions before entering your credit card information and concluding your order. For example, certain services you buy often roll over automatically. You should also take into account the applicable notice periods for terminating these services.

Check the URL. Wherever possible, open specific websites via the bookmarks you have made for them.

Keep all proof of your purchase, e.g. e-mails, postal receipts and courier receipts. You will need this documentation if you encounter any discrepancies or want your money back. If the delivered product does not correspond to your order (discrepancy, defect, incorrect delivery), you will have to prove this accordingly – involving the input of an independent, certified third party (e.g. specialist store, expert) if necessary.

As is the case with other methods of payment, there is no such thing as total security when it comes to card fraud. However, if you fulfil your duty of care as a cardholder (e.g. immediate blocking of any stolen card), Viseca will cover any damages arising from the fraudulent use of your card by third parties.

Your duty of care as a cardholder essentially consists of the following:

  • Check your invoices and informing us in writing of any discrepancies within 30 days.

  • Keep your PIN secret (not writing it down or disclosing it to third parties).

  • Keep your card in a safe place.

  • Instruct Viseca to block your card immediately if it is lost.

Never enter sensitive data on publicly accessible computers (e.g. in Internet cafes) – either when placing orders or accessing VisecaOne. Otherwise, you may be exposed to risks such as keystroke logging.

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