Different fees are incurred depending on the card, card services and card use.

The annual fee is debited in the month that appears on the card, e.g. if the card expires in “04/19” (month/year), the annual fee will be debited in April to cover the following 12 months.

Viseca Card Services SA wishes to make more use of electronic delivery methods (via VisecaOne). Free electronic billing enables cardholders to play an important role in promoting a sustainable approach to natural resources.

You can forgo the fee for postal delivery of hard-copy invoices by signing up free of charge in VisecaOne and activating the paperless billing function.

You can also sign up for e-billing via your online banking portal, provided your bank offers this service.

Sales outlets abroad (e.g. retail stores) and online shops (e.g. mail order suppliers, Internet sellers) run by vendors based abroad are regarded as foreign points of sale. Please consult the vendor’s general terms and conditions for information on where that vendor is based.

In relation to a foreign currency transaction or a transaction abroad in Swiss francs, the relevant processing fee is shown separately on the monthly invoice along with the exchange rate and the fee amount expressed as a percentage.

Any customer who owns a card from Viseca Card Services SA can make cashless payments at over 43 million locations worldwide. In the event of theft or loss, the card will be replaced – unlike cash. Cardholders can take advantage of attractive additional services such as a high-quality insurance package, VisecaOne, a payment-by-instalments option, and the surprize bonus scheme. Cardholders who fulfil their duty of care are not liable for financial damages. For foreign currency transactions involving the use of cards, Viseca Card Services SA applies an exchange rate that is more favourable than the banknote rate used for cash transactions.

Any transaction paid for in Swiss francs using a card in Swiss francs from a foreign acceptance point is regarded as a transaction abroad in Swiss francs. This can either be a transaction abroad involving a direct currency conversion into Swiss francs or a transaction in Swiss francs on a foreign website (online or app purchases).

Many Internet vendors give the visual impression that they are based in Switzerland (e.g. “.ch” domain). Check whether online shops with the “.ch” domain belong to companies based in Switzerland. Please consult the vendor’s general terms and conditions for information on where that vendor is based.

You will find the fee schedule under Downloads.

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