Foreign currency

With your credit card/prepaid card, you always have the right currency to hand. Transactions in foreign currency are converted into the card currency. A processing fee is also charged. This fee varies depending on the card. For details, see the fee schedule.

Any transaction that is not settled in the card currency is referred to as a foreign currency transaction.

The exchange rates are set daily by Viseca Card Services SA and fixed once daily at the same time of day. When setting the exchange rate it takes the usual market sources as a guide. The exchange rate that Viseca Card Services SA sets for foreign currency transactions is more favourable than the banknote rate used for exchanging cash into foreign currency.

Conversions from foreign currency are based on the exchange rate that applies on the date on which the relevant transaction is internationally processed. There can be gap of several days between the transaction date and the processing date, depending on when the merchant forwards the transaction to Viseca. Processing dates (value dates) are specified on your monthly invoice.

Any payment in a foreign currency (i.e. currency other than the card currency) incurs a processing fee. The fee schedule provides an overview of the fees that are payable.

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