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More than 800,000 customers place their trust in the "one" digital service. Register once for access via the web and the app, anytime, no matter where you are.


"one" at a glance

"one" is a free digital service for even greater convenience and security. It gives you perfect control at all times over your credit and prepaid cards as well as your business card. Once you have registered you can, for instance, easily check your spending or your available amount in real time, check and confirm payments in online shops which require 3-D Secure in the "one" app or by SMS code, or turn on free push notifications.

Discover the "one" app

The benefits

With "one" you are always informed about your spending, your available amount, your surprize points balance and much more. You can retrieve and easily manage your personal details and other services. If you have installed the "one" app, you will also receive push notifications for full control over your transactions. You will then have everything in one place anytime, anywhere, at your convenience  in the "one" app or in the web portal.

Additional plus points

  • Two-factor authentication for even greater security.
  • Viseca Masterpass for even greater convenience. The details are already securely saved, so you no longer need to enter them.
  • Gradual expansion for even greater quality.
  • Direct access to our surprize rewards programme by app.
  • View of all your credit card bills for the last 12 months.

Registering is so simple

Place your trust in "one" and register today. To do this, you need:

  • Your personal registration code
  • Your card number
  • A PC or tablet
  • Your personal smartphone
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If you have several Viseca or partner bank cards issued in your name, you can manage these in the same "one" account. Partner or additional cards in another name are registered separately in "one" and are assigned a separate registration code, which is sent to the main cardholder.

You can register here for "one" in four steps with the registration code you received in the post.

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"one" FAQ

If your mobile phone number is still the same, you can simply download the "one" app again from the App Store or Play Store and sign on as usual with your "one" login.

No. Viseca bears the costs of the SMS (mTAN). However, when you are abroad, roaming costs charged by your provider network may apply.

All smartphones with a functioning SIM card (prepaid or postpaid subscription).

The SMS code is valid for a maximum of 5 minutes.

Yes, we do. As the "one" app and the "one" portal are developed further, new functions will be added, and existing Viseca services will be integrated into "one". It may therefore be necessary to update the terms of use as new user rights and obligations become applicable. If necessary, you will be asked to accept the new terms of use in order to continue using the service, in which case we will notify you in advance on www.viseca.ch and via the other Viseca communication channels.

Payments made with Masterpass are regular credit card transactions. The only difference is that the card and customer data no longer have to be entered by hand. Therefore, you must comply with the usual duties of care that apply to the use of your card, in particular as set out in the general terms and conditions for the card and the terms of use of VisecaOne (e.g. having lost cards blocked, checking your credit card statement, exercising care in the use of your smartphone).