Checking made simple

With our free customer portal "one", you can keep full track of your card at all times.


Keep a close eye on spending with "one"

With "one", you always have full control over your spending and the available amount. Additionally, you can retrieve and easily manage all your details and other services.  

At a glance:

  • Current spending in real time
  • Available amount in real time
  • Statements can be viewed as PDFs
  • Simple transaction search
  • Check surprize points balance
  • Secure login thanks to two-factor authentication

Statement types

The smart alternative to a paper statement is digital. Instead of by post, your statement is sent to you electronically. This gives you independence and helps the environment. And it is all secure and free of charge. 

You have the following options:

  • E-bill (direct in e-banking)
  • PDF (can be retrieved in "one")
  • Paper statement / e-bill (CHF 2 per statement, by post)

Checking statement

If you can't immediately match a transaction when you receive your card statement, there's no need to panic: simply check the amounts and the name of the merchant. If an unknown transaction really is shown on your statement, you can notify us within 30 days of the statement date. You can download the necessary form for this at Downloads.

Disputing a transaction Disputing a debit on a lost/stolen card Disputing a credit card surcharge

Do you expect a credit note from a merchant?

If you find a minus sign in front of an amount, it is a credit memo. This amount will be credited to your invoice and will reduce the amount payable.

Free notifications

So that you can keep track of things anytime, any place, you can subscribe to free push notifications. It's easy to turn on our notifications in your "one" app.

More about the "one" app

Payment by instalments option

You can also pay your monthly credit card bill in instalments. This option gives you financial freedom whenever you need it. The annual interest rate is 12%; there are no hidden costs or charges. 

See for yourself the advantages of the payment by instalments option. Our handy online calculator shows you at a glance the costs you can expect - give it a try!

Viseca will only activate and confirm the payment-by-instalments option once a successful credit check has been carried out. Credit will not be granted if it leads to excess debt.

Average monthly amount
0.00 CHF
Total interest
0.00 CHF
Total amount
0.00 CHF

Registration for payment by instalments option

  • Please contact the customer service.
  • Viseca will activate the payment by instalments option once a successful credit check has been carried out*. Once you have submitted the documentation, the credit check takes around 1 week.
  • Even after the payment by instalments option has been activated, you can decide at any time whether or not to use it.

You can find out which credit cards include the payment by instalments option here. The interest rate, minimum amount and payment period can vary depending on the credit card product. Precise details can be found in our card summary.

* Viseca will only activate and confirm the payment by instalments option once a successful credit check has been carried out. Credit will not be granted if it leads to excess debt. You will find recommendations for the responsible use of credit cards with a credit facility or payment by instalments option in this convention (German)